Alice is in Wonderland, but I am not

Ellen asked me earlier this week if I wanted to go see Alice In Wonderland with her.  We’ve been talking about seeing since we saw the movie trailer before Christmas. She suggested today and I said fine. Sundays are great movie-days.

The movie started at 16, so we decided to meet up 15.30 at the cinema. I walked to the subway; that’s the easisest way to get to the cinema (Colleseum). I love being on the subway. It’s way better than the bus.

A girl above me at the subway was playing music so loud on her mp3 player that I almost could hear what she was playing. I had to plug in my own music to keep the annoying sound out. What did I play? Ahem… John Mayer of course. The bug is still inside me.

I came a bit early so I bought a fashion magazine and some buns with raisins in it. Then I went to the cinema to wait for Ellen.

It was strange going into the cinema with no candy. I usually bring something I can eat when I go see a movie. This time I couldn’t.

It went ok without any chocolate. I’m on the 12th day without chocolate (expect a smal piece of chcolate cake yesterday) and I’m starting to think I got the hang of the chocolate-less days.

The movie was so engaging with its beautiful mix of reality and fiction. I had no time to miss the chocolate! Seeing the movie in 3D was great. I love 3D and I love how it’s getting popular now. It adds something to the movie.

Johnny Depp was great. He was unrecognizable but still recognizable. When looking at his characther (a still picture), it’s impossible to see that it’s him. But when he starts to act… there isn’t many people who would do such a role. He has a reputations for doing crazy roles. We have Edvard Scissorhand, Willy Wonka, Benny in Benny & June, Captain Sparrow in Pirates of the Carrabian etc. Knowing that, you just know it’s him. I loved him in this movie.

One of the moments I remember the most from the movie is when the Mad Hatter (Depp) is saying goodbye to Alice. It’s such a sad moment. The Mad Hatter looked so sad.

I remember seeing Alice In Wonderland at a theater when I was a kid, but I didn’t remember anything of the story. So it was like getting to know the story for the first time.

I would recommend everyone to go see this movie!

I said I felt I was getting the hang of  chocolate-less days. I guess I do. But it’s damn hard! Like right now; I’m craving chocolate so bad. And I don’t have any substitute for it either. Gah!

I feel like I’m going to burst soon. But I’m going to stay away from chocolate as long as I can. Because I know if I take one bite, I won’t go long before I’ve taken 80 bites. I am addicted,  you now!

I’m off to take care of my other addiction; CSI NY!. One more episode today and then it’ s straight to bed.

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