Hello there old friend!

It feels like forever since I was out with my camera. When looking back it’s only one and a half months ago. It feels way longer. I don’t have any good explanation for why it has been so long. I guess I’ve just been busy with other things.

I haven’t really been missing it. It’s not like I’ve been thinking about how great it would be to go out and shoot beautiful things. I guess keeping myself away from chocolate has occupied my mind.

Yesterday after I got home from a trip downtown, the sun came. And for the first time in said 1.5 months I thought about going out shooting. I had been taking a few shots in my apartment in the morning, so I was sort of in the flow. So I went out. I saw that my battery was soon empty, but I didn’t want to wait for it to recharge. Who knew when the sun would disappear behind some giant cloud. It could happen any minute.

I got 30 minutes with my camera before it died. I would’ve loved to say out longer, but at the same time, I was happy because I knew I had gotten at least a few good shots. I had some moments where after I’d taken a shot, I was thiking ‘there, I nailed it’. That is a sweet feeling.

So here is a little collection of yesterdays shot.

Even dead things can look beautiful!

Y stand for yay? yesterday? yeah? yes? yabba dabba do? Make your own pick.

No parking. I love the font and the color.

I love bokeh and light! <3

Simplicity. The remains of the snow is making its way into my shot.

A pomegranate sliced in half. For the purpose of this picture.

The photowalk left we a little unsatisfied with a few shot (which is not posted). So the plan is to go out later and to reshoot a few things. All depends on two things; will the truck with the gigantic side-mirror and the scooter with the round mirror still be there? Lets hope so! Acutally, it depends on one more thing; do I have time. I’m still not propperly dressed and I’m going to a football match later. Between now and 16.30 I have to get dressed, eat dinner, finish this blog, chat with Chantie and hopefully get a few shots done.

I better get going!


It’s thursday and very late. Too late for me to be blogging, but do I care? Nope! It’s one of these thursdays; I-don’t-give-shit-about-the-clock-thursday. I got Robyn’s new song Fembot on loop. It’s just awesome!

I’m counting the days until I’m going to Alkmaar. 5 days left now! It’s not long ago it was a month away. Time flies.

The last days we (Chantie and I) have made plans for the 6 days I’m in Alkmaar. It seems like we’re going to be quite busy and that’s good.

My flight lands 21.25. Chanties stepdad is going to pick me up. He rocks! I’m pretty sure we’ll stay up a while chatting when we come home.

On thursday Cisca is coming. She’s a friend of Chantie and has become my friend too. Lucky me! We’re gonna stay in Alkmaar for a little while, before we go to her place and stay the night. Early friday morning we’re all driving to Amsterdam. Chantie has a 9 o’clock job interview.  I guess Cisca and I will hang around outside the office while she’s in there. What we do when Chantie’s done, I’m not sure of. Eventually we will go back to Cisca and stay one more night. I guess the evening will envolve great food, chocolate and Oprah on DVD.

On saturday we’re going back to Alkmaar. Not sure if Cisca is joining us. I have told Chantie I want to go out get some drinks and dance saturday night. So I’m pretty sure we’ll do that!

Sunday we’re going to Chanties mum for dinner! Let’s hope it will work out this time. I think the two last times we’ve planned dinner with her mum, we’ve ended up not doing it. I’m gonna borrow her bike, which is pretty cool. Then we can cruise around town on monday!

On tuesday we’re just going to slut around as we call it. Stay in pj’s for as long as possible; play rummycub, eat chocolate & tosties, watch a movie perhaps, listen to music, chat,  cuddle with the cats etc.  And of course, we’re gonna keep the tradition alive and eat at Burger King at the airport!

In between all these plans, I/we’re gonna also:

  • we’re gonna eat springrolls!
  • I’m gonna take lots of pictures of bikes and other cool stuff
  • I’m gonna help out with Chanti’s e-baying.
  • we’re gonna have lunch at Henry’s. They got the best omelette I’ve ever tasted.
  • we’re gonna, if I get Chantie along, try out Chat Roulette just for fun!

Even if it’s I-don’t-give-shit-about-the-clock-thursday, I can’t ignore my sleepy eyes or  swallow my yawns. So off to bed I am.


Easter is just around the corner. I’m not a Christian so to me Easter doesn’t evolve around Jesus being cruzified, getting up from the dead and travel to heaven. To me Easter is time off the office, eating eggs, watching criminal series on the TV, eating candy and be with friends.

This Easter I’m not going to be in Norway. I’m travelling to see Chantie (and Cisca), which will be awesome! So I won’t be able to see any of my other friends that I could’ve seen this Easter.

Not long ago I came up with the idea to create and send some Easter cards to some of my friends. I’ve never done that before, but one time have to be the first, right? I doubt I’ll make this a tradition, but since I’m going away I thought it could be nice. It’s always nice to get a card in the mail, right? I think so at least. I love to get written cards and letters. It’s so much better than getting an e-mail or something posted on your facebook wall.

So the past weeks I’ve created some cards. Four to be exact.

Each card says ‘Happy Easter’.

I bought a lot of different yellow and green cardboard for these cards. Too much. I haven’t used half of it. Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll get it used some other time. The rabbit is from a clear-stamp set I bought  few weeks ago. I first bought the clear stamp set (called Friends in the forrest) for my friend Sissel’s birthday. When she had her scrapping birthdayparty I borrowed it and liked it so much I had to buy it myself. I find that rabbit very cute and it fits as a Easter Rabbit.

In addition to the card I’m gonna put candy like pictured above in the envolope. Just to ‘spice it up’ a bit.

Sending a little surprise card to a few friends is something everybody should do once in a while. It doesn’t take that much time and I’m pretty sure it would mean a lot to the recciver. You don’t even have to make the card as I did, you can buy one.

Now go send someone a card! ;)

Result of the competition

As I wrote last month I started a competition with a friend; who would eat the least amout of chocolate/candy/sweetbread etc in one month!

One month (28 days to be exact) is now over and I’ve eaten exactly this:

  • one piece of apple cake
  • one chocolate cupcake
  • one piece of sweetbread
  • one piece of chocolate cake
  • two and a half buns with raisins inside
  • no chocolate what so ever!
  • no chips
  • no icecream

Clever, huh?

The best part is that I haven’t eaten chocolate in 28 days! To be honest, that is quite an achivement for me. I used to eat chocolate every day!

It’s not been easy, not at all. I’ve had dasy where the urge to eat chocolate has been bad. But surprisingly, I has gone better than expected. I thought it would be harder. I thought I would think about chocolate way more often than I actually have.

Linda, who I competed against, didn’t do as well as I did. So I won! I get served a three course meal. YAY! I can’t wait to find out what I’m getting. No date for this dinner has been set yet. It will be some time after Easter I think. Easter so close, so we don’t have time for it before.

It’s good to know it’s actually doable; I can live without chocolate for a month. I won’t die if I don’t get my daily dose.

Even though the competition is over, I’m thinking of keep on for another week. At least until saturday. When I have come this far, why not keep on with it for a little longer? But then again, why not eat?

Since I left work, I’ve had a huge desire to eat chocolate. A bigger desire than I’ve had in a while. I know it’s because the competition officially is over and I can eat. I’ve acutally thought about digging out the chocolate that I hid before the competition started. So far I managed to stay away!

My plans for the future, is to not stay completely away from chocolate, but to eat less than I did before. Not eat every day. If I can eat twice a week, it will be ok. But I’m afraid that will be hard. Because I have a tendency to not stop when I first start. I’m that addictive.

Now I know how to stay away, I need to learn how to be moderate. That will be a challange. But I’m ready. So bring it on!

I <3 Dr. Martens

A little while ago I saw someone downtown Oslo wearing a pair of Dr. Martens boots and thinking they looked cool on her. Yesterday I found out I was going to dig out my old blue Dr. Martens boots from the basement. And when I say old, I mean OLD. I think I bought them back in ’97.

I had a both black and blue Dr. Martens boots. The blue ones where the one I bought last and wore least. After a while they got outdated and I moved on to other shoes. But being a Dr. Martens lover, I could not toss them away. They were in perfect condition, if you overlook some scratches.

Today I wore them to work. They were so cool to wear again, even though they look a bit big on on my feet.

It’s not a shoe you can wear to whatever you feel like. I think I’m only gonna wear mine to leggings and long shirts / tunikas or dresses. It will look weird if I wear them with jeans I think. I won’t have the spesific ‘look’ I had in mind when I dug them out from the past.

Jeeze Louise, I sound like a fashion blogger. Haha. That was not my intention.

In the middle of the day, I came to think of REM and their album Monster again. The boots made me think of it. You know, that album was made in ’94 where the Dr. Martens boots were seen on everybody! Lots of grunge-people wore those boots. And REM is a bit grunge-ish. So, there is my link between the boots and the CD!

I found some songs from that album on youtube and created a playlist I listened to for a while, while working. Sweet songs! Bang and Blame is one of REM’s best songs ever, if not the best! It’s top 3 at least.

On my way home from work, I pulled out my mp3-player. I didn’t have Monster on it, but I had another REM album called Accelerate. I put on that and listened to it while heading downtown for some shoe-polish for my boots.

I’ve been thinking lately that I would love some new girly shoes / boots. I haven’t had a chance to go look for any, until today. In the first shoe store I enter, what do I see? Some grey chucks (Converse). I’ve seen them before and they are so, so awesome. Of course I had to try them on. They didn’t fit, was a size too big. I left the store and the hunt was on. My idea about girly shoes vanished like snow melts on a hot day. In the 4th store I found them in my size. I left the store as a happy camper, with a pair of grey chucks and some shoe-polish.

When I came home I put on Monster on the stereo. I haven’t play anything else than John Mayer for the last two monts. It was refreshing to play something else now. I think the John Mayer bug is slowly leaving me. I’m pretty sure that by the end of Easter it will be completely gone. I’m seeing Chantie in a week and she’s not a Mayer fan, so we won’t listen to him while I’m visiting her. I’m not gonna bug her with my obsession.

I have to fill up my mp3 player with the Monster album now. Yeah!

Alice is in Wonderland, but I am not

Ellen asked me earlier this week if I wanted to go see Alice In Wonderland with her.  We’ve been talking about seeing since we saw the movie trailer before Christmas. She suggested today and I said fine. Sundays are great movie-days.

The movie started at 16, so we decided to meet up 15.30 at the cinema. I walked to the subway; that’s the easisest way to get to the cinema (Colleseum). I love being on the subway. It’s way better than the bus.

A girl above me at the subway was playing music so loud on her mp3 player that I almost could hear what she was playing. I had to plug in my own music to keep the annoying sound out. What did I play? Ahem… John Mayer of course. The bug is still inside me.

I came a bit early so I bought a fashion magazine and some buns with raisins in it. Then I went to the cinema to wait for Ellen.

It was strange going into the cinema with no candy. I usually bring something I can eat when I go see a movie. This time I couldn’t.

It went ok without any chocolate. I’m on the 12th day without chocolate (expect a smal piece of chcolate cake yesterday) and I’m starting to think I got the hang of the chocolate-less days.

The movie was so engaging with its beautiful mix of reality and fiction. I had no time to miss the chocolate! Seeing the movie in 3D was great. I love 3D and I love how it’s getting popular now. It adds something to the movie.

Johnny Depp was great. He was unrecognizable but still recognizable. When looking at his characther (a still picture), it’s impossible to see that it’s him. But when he starts to act… there isn’t many people who would do such a role. He has a reputations for doing crazy roles. We have Edvard Scissorhand, Willy Wonka, Benny in Benny & June, Captain Sparrow in Pirates of the Carrabian etc. Knowing that, you just know it’s him. I loved him in this movie.

One of the moments I remember the most from the movie is when the Mad Hatter (Depp) is saying goodbye to Alice. It’s such a sad moment. The Mad Hatter looked so sad.

I remember seeing Alice In Wonderland at a theater when I was a kid, but I didn’t remember anything of the story. So it was like getting to know the story for the first time.

I would recommend everyone to go see this movie!

I said I felt I was getting the hang of  chocolate-less days. I guess I do. But it’s damn hard! Like right now; I’m craving chocolate so bad. And I don’t have any substitute for it either. Gah!

I feel like I’m going to burst soon. But I’m going to stay away from chocolate as long as I can. Because I know if I take one bite, I won’t go long before I’ve taken 80 bites. I am addicted,  you now!

I’m off to take care of my other addiction; CSI NY!. One more episode today and then it’ s straight to bed.

No more posts.