the bugs

You know you’ve seen too much CSI when you hear about a murder on the news (radio) and when they say that the police are at the place where the girl was obducted looking for shoeprints, you instantly can visualise what they are doing / how they are doing it.

This happened to me early this week. When I realised I was thinking about CSI I had to smile to myself.

I’m currently watching season 3. Only a few more epoisodes left now. I should be tracking down season 2. Or should I wait a bit, get a break from it? Try to get rid of that CSI bug? Doesn’t sound very fun. I think I’ll keep the bug for a little bit longer.

Talking about bugs. There is no news I’ve also caught the John Mayer bug. I’ve been listening to him constantly since he was on Skavlan (talkshow) the 15th of January. Today is the first time I listen to something else I think. And what do I listen to? Springsteen. Ta-da… :p No bomb that either. Well, I was watching CSI and filmed a sign saying ‘something turnpike’. The word turnpike reminds me of some old Springsteen songs.

Maybe this is it? Maybe this is the day when the bug leaves me? I have lots of other music I want to listen to. Lots of music I haven’t listend to enough; like Kleerup, the new Green Day album, old Joy Division albums etc.

I also got another bug I’m trying to get rid of. And that is the chocolate-bug.  Or I should actually say sweets-bug.

Last tuesday Linda was visiting me. While eating dinner I complained to her about my jeans not being big enough anymore and my growing belly. Not ‘i-m-pregnant-growing’, but ‘I’ve-eaten-too-much-chocolate-growing’. She welcomed me to the club! Heh.

Linda came up with the idea to have a little competition. Who could eat the least amount of candy in on month? We would start the next day and for every piece of chocolate, candy, sweetbread etc we ate, we would get one point. The one with the most points would loose!

We couldn’t just leave it wiht that. The looser had to do something in order to make it more interesting. So we made a deal that the looser has to make a three-course meal. None of us wants to do that.

So, how am I doing?

I haven’t eaten any candy since tuesday! Nothing! I’m quite surprised I’ve managed to keep it up so long. You know, I used to eat chocolate every day. I’ve thought about chocolate many times, but I’ve managed to only think about it.

It helps to not have any chocolate in the house. Well, I do have some, but I’ve hid it. Maybe not exactly hid it, but placed it somewhere I can’t access it easily. In the hall I have a shelf over the doors to the bedroom and livingroom. It’s very deep and I need a chair to get things down from it. I tossed the chocolate I had into the back of that shelf. It would be close to impossible to reach it wihtout some serious work.

Today has been hard. I want something sweet so bad. I would love to bake a cake or something. Marble cake, cream puffs or something… Siiiigh!

I got some crakers. I’ve eaten those the last days. I think I’m gonna eat some of those, even though I’m starting to get tired of them.

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