Card for the cool kid

My nephew Emil has soon completed his first year as a human being. Only little less than a month left and he will level up to year 1 and level 2. He has done good the first year. Two teeth is there and he is on his way to walk. I’m pretty sure it will happen before hi turn 1.

Here the other day I started to sketch out the birthday card I’m gonna give him. My plan was to just look at some ideas, but before I knew it the card was half done. I completed it today.

Front. And here’s the back:

I finally got to use that pattern paper. I’ve had it for a long time now waiting for Emil to turn 1, so  I could use it!

The gift is bought too, but I’m not gonna tell what that is. Not that I think Emil will read it (he’s smart, but not that smart!), but his mum might do so.

To end this, I’ve pulled out a photo from the archive and processed it. It’s taken during the Christmas card photosession I had with him in late November. He was eating here.

One response to Card for the cool kid

  1. musketnuss

    This card is sooo cute! And the photo in the end – awesome! I love it! (I also adored you wedding card – I’d love to get one like this just because it isn’t an ordinary card!) I’m so curious about what your present for him is.

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