Operation: SNOW!

The last days, it has snowed a lot. It’s not long ago since the streets I live in was cleared for the most of the snow. Now it’s back to bad again. I’m so glad I don’t have a car.

It started thursday afternoon. I was in all afternoon/night babysitting my nephew, so I didn’t notice it. Not until I was heading home a few minutes past 23. I was happy to get a ride almost all the way home. Someone who was at the same Rammstein concert as my sister and Geir was driving a friend of them home. She lives a few streets away from me. I jumped off close to home and only had to walk for a few mintues.

Man, the weather was bad! It snowed all night. Friday morning the snowing increased, but it started again friday night. When I left Ellen’s apartment after dinner and watching the Olympics, it was a bit windy outside and cold. Brr.

Yesterday I took a look at my balcony. It was filled with snow. I couldn’t access it from the balcony door, that’s how bad it was. I knew I had to deal with all the snow, because the escape door to the next balcony was totally blocked too. In case of fire, you need a place to run.

I had to showle the snow down five floors; the airway of course. Every now and then I had to look down not to hit anyone with my snow. It would’ve been bad if I’d dumped snow in somebody’s head.

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday (too bad), so I don’t have any pictures of how bad the balcony actually was. But after I’d continued working on getting rid of the snow today, I got some pictures. Things like this needs to be documented, right? I read on some random blog today that blogs with only text is boring, it needs pictures to spice up things. I totally agree.

This is how the balcony looks like now. It was filled with snow!

Here is the other side.

Here’s the shovel and me. I love how the handle of the shovel and my beloved Dr. Martens boots match in color.

Some times I wish I had a roof over my balcony. If the roof had been there I wouldn’t have had so much snow on it. I don’t remember having this problem when I lived on the first floor.

But… living on the top floor grants you great view over Oslo. The view below is was greets me every time I step outside the balcony. When I think about, I think I’ll take the view over the roof.

Talking about my balcony. This summer Im planning to upgrade it with tiles on the floor. Now it’s just concrete which isn’t very pretty. And not easy to clean either. I would love black tiles, but black tiles will get superhot during the summer. And superhot tiles will burn my tiny feet. So I would have to look for some other color.

Well, there are lots of snow that has to melt and lots of days that has to pass before I’m going to start on that project, so I’m not going to put much thought in it right now.

Now it’s time for either a) CSI or b) finishing a wedding card.

Hmmm… What to do?

3 responses to Operation: SNOW!

  1. myluckytown – Author

    Thanks. The view is indeed beautiful. And yes. lots of snow. Sigh. I love snow, but sometimes it gets too much.

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