The new TV is in the house

The new TV came on tuesday. I’m really happy with it. It’s got a arm behind it so I can pull it out and swing it both to left and right. I thought that would be nice, because then I can watch TV while siting at the dining table. Or scrapping-table as I have renamed it ;)

The only thing that bothers me is that it’s hung up a little too close to the cd-shelf above it. I thought it was less space between the TV bench and the CD shelf than it acutally was.

It doesn’t look as bad in real life, than it does here in this photo. Chantie said something that is right; it’s not the TV that is hung up too hight, it’s the CD shelf that is hung too low. heh. Well, the TV is in the right hight for my eyes.

Either way, the TV rocks!

The TV bench was a bit discolored because of the sun. So it was a huge mark where the TV had been. I had to cover that up so I dug deep into my drawer with table cloths (which I normally never use) and found a red one with golden threds in it. It reminds me of Christmas, but that’s only because of the colors. I suspect my friend Linda has bought me this, but I can’t tell for sure.

With the TV up on the wall, there were a little space underneeth it which I thought needed to be covered. What did I find? Some tealights holders of course! I got plenty of them and was happy that I could pull out two orange one I had stacked away in my bookshelf.

It’s a perfect place for teacandle holders, becuase they’re easy to see. when they’re lit.

So far I’ve used the TV to watch the Olympics and CSI. Surprised? I’m not. There’s so much Olympics on the TV you can’t miss it. Not that I want to, I love the Olympic Winter Games. And CSI? I loooove it. In the middle of season 4 now. I wonder if I can find season 3 somewhere. I’ll have a look for it.

Right now I’m gonna go enjoy my new TV for a while.

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