Ramblings of a photographer

I’m sitting here pondering over today’s phototrip while listening to John Mayer. It seems like I’ve caught the JM-bug. I can’t seem to be able to put on something else than his music. It just happens automaticly when I open iTunes; I scroll down to the folder that says John Mayer. And then I play from the two cd’s I’ve imported; Battle Studies and Room for Squares. I don’t even bother to import any of his music I got. It’s been like this a month or so now. It’s gotten so far that I know a lot of lyric by heart.

Well, back to my phototrip which I initially was going to talk about. Looking at today’s processed photos, I can say one thing; the only consistant is the round corners. One minute I shot a mailbox, the next I’m shooting a street with trees.

There is no theme in my photographing. I don’t do portraits or photograph  people. I’m not all about architecture, even though I love it. My photography is not only consisting nature shots.

I shot all sorts of things.

I don’t have a speciallity; a field where I kick ass. I know where I’m not so good, but I don’t think I have any talent in something spesific when it comes to photographing.

Sometimes I wonder if that is a good thing or bad.

Do I need to have a specialty to get somewhere. Or is it ok to be versatile? Somehow I’ve thought that you need something special, something that is your signature. Do I?

When thinking about it, I don’t really want to limit myself to take only take some kind of pictures. I want to capture whatever my eyes see worthy.  And that can be anything!

I don’t see myself turning this hobby into something else; like a career anytime soon. So why bother with thoughts like this at all. Maybe there is something deep, deep down inside me who thinks or wishes this, me photographing, could lead to something? I guess it is. But I shouldn’t expect anything, because I’m not doing anything to make that happen.

So I’ll guess I’ll keep this a fun hobby until my midlife crisis starts and I want re-invent myself. Then I can think about turning this into something bigger than just a hobby. heh.

Let’s end with a mix of todays shot.

Just for the record; on the other side of this street lays the best chocolate factory there is! Freja (Krafts Food).

I love how the sun hit the brown wall and the green mailbox.

It’s when you see things like this, your heart jumps a little. It’s just a awesome painting. Or should I say grafitti?

A diptych. Simple. Two elements; sky/clouds & snow

One response to Ramblings of a photographer

  1. musketnuss

    I’m absolutely stunned by the shot of the snowy alley with the shadows of the trees!
    I think it’s a good and a bad thing to not be specialised. If you would take photos of only one kind of things, it would be good that you could get better and better because you only have one way to go. But I think this would lack freedom and the possibility to improvise and invent new things. The negative thing about not being specialised on something is that you can’t see an ongoing improvement or development because you aren’t on a straight way, you expand in a lot of different ways. But that’s also a good thing, because you have total freedom about what you do. And I think that’s most important if you see it as hobby and fun and if you don’t have to earn your living or something with it. (I hope you know what I mean. Do you? haha.) Please don’t stop being versatile!

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