The way I see it…

I have to say and I don’t say this to brag or anything… but I love how I see things. Something that other people would just walk by, I stop. The most ordinary things, I find interesting in some way. And I like to think that I see things not everyone is seeing. I’m not saying I’m the one and only who see the world and the everyday life the way I do, but there is a lot of people I know that doesn’t see things the way I do.

Be out and photographing is fun. Like yesterday on my way home from work, I took a tiny detour to see if I could find something to photograph. I walked down a street, through a tiny park and then a few streets again.

On the short detour I only got a few shots, but I really like both of them.

This is a plastic ‘fence’. Immideately after I saw it, I knew I wanted to photograph it. The pattern reminded me of some skirt from the 50’s. I would love to have a skirt with a pattern like that!

And this is old vs new. The writing on the top of the door caught my attention.¬† It says ‘anno 1903’. The door with the tagging, it has to be ‘anno 2010’. What a contrast.

Tomorrow the weather is going to be great. – 6 and sunny. My plan is to go on a little phototrip again. I have an idea for a shot. I’m gonna re-do this shot, just make it a bit different. Will need to bring my 18-125 mm lense then. Too bad I don’t remember exactly which street I found the mirror. I’ll have to walk around a bit. I will locate it in the end.

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