Bikes, bikes and bikes

Yesterday I was on a little phototrip after I left the office. I leaft a litte bit early since I had to stop by the post office and post a package for a colleague. After I’d finished that I went for a walk in the post office’s neighbourhood.

I walked around for almost an hour before I decided to go home. I was super cold. Walking around in a dress is not the ideal. let me tell you that. A bit bummed because I hadn’t gotten many great shots I headed for the tram.

Out of nowhere, across the street I was walking I saw some bikes. And not just any bikes. Old bikes. My heart smiled, if I can say it like that. You know I love old bikes. I rushed over to take some shots. I had to wait a short while before I could start shooting. You see, a man came walking my way. I’m still not 100% comfortable with using my camera when people walk by. Especially not if I’m taking photos of odd things, like a bike seat.

People tend to stare a lot. They give me the ‘what-do-you-do-look’. I know I’m not supposed to care about it, but I do.

Anyway. It was a bit dark outside, since the remains of yesterdays sun was behind some buildings, but still I find these shots worth posting.

I love that clover on the bell.

One Headlight. That is the first thing that comes in mind when I see photo. And ‘One Headlight’ reminds me of the Wallflowers. The Wallflowers is a group with Jacob Dylan (yes, Bob’s son) as the lead singer. They have a beautiful song called One Headlight.

This seat is just so yummy, if you can say that about a seat. Heh. I love the brown color.

I’ve come to the conclution, since I love bikes so much, that when I see Chantie in end of March, I will need an hour or so where I can just photograph bikes! The Netherlands is, which you might already know, filled with bikes. And most of them are old too. A great combination for me.

Chantie can either tag a long on my bikephototrip or do something else. I haven’t run this idea by her yet, she have to agree. I’ll make her agree! heh.

That’s it for today. I got my hands on some new episodes of CSI Season 6. So you all know what I’m gonna do now…

Hasta la vista, baby. I’ll be back!

(iiiik, I just quoted the one and only Mr. Arnold…)

One response to Bikes, bikes and bikes

  1. When I lived in Oslo many moons ago, my main transport was an old bike from the 2nd world war. I loved that baby. Black, big wheels with a lovely leather seat….and yes it had a basket. Of course one day it got stolen …it broke my heart.
    I am with you I hate taking pictures in Public…I hate how you get the stare dow from people.

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