When snowstorm and absense of sunlight…

I said I was going to take more photos today. When I left work today it snowed so badly and the sun was not present. I was not propperly dressed (tunika and stalkings). So I soon realised I had to drop my planned phototrip.

Instead I went downtown to buy some groceries and things I needed to make cupcakes in particular. When I came to the street where I live, I decided to pop the camera out of my purse and document the snowing. The picture above is taken from one end of the street where I live. I love my street. So quite and away from the heavy trafic nearby.

I got a few different shots of a tree nearby too.  I really like photos of branches against (blue) sky.

These are somewhat dark and mysterious. I like that.

So since the photowalk didn’t happen, I made cupcakes instead. You see, me and my colleague Gøril, we play card every lunch break. It’s such a nice thing to do, to relax and not think about what to do next. We play Gin Rummy. Just to add a little fun, we have statisitics. We note down who wins every game. After 50 games, we count all the wins and see who scored the most points. Whoever loses, have to bake something and bring it to work.

As you see, losing isn’t the worst thing that can happen! But still, we fight both of us to not lose. It’s a bit of prestige in it all.

What is the best of all, is to see all colleagues drool over what we bring; weather it’s chocolate cake or cupcakes. There is always someone who wants a piece. The rule is clear, the one who wins decides if someone is getting something or not. But no matter what, no one is getting anything before we are done eating! The last time I’ve baked, I’ve baked cupcakes and only brought enough for the two of us. And when someone ask for a piece I say: ‘Did you play with us? No? Oh well, NO cake for you’. And then I put on my brightest smile. Evil? That might be. But I’m fully enjoying it. muwhaha.

So these are todays chocolate cupcakes. Well, not all but some fo them. I made 15 in total. These 7 I will bring to the office.

I did a little twist with the frosting this time. I didn’t use icing sugar mixed with water and color this time. I used a delicious chocolate frosting, that I normally use on my chocolate cakes.

Nom, nom, nom.

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