I’m alive

Hello there. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to flickr too. There is only one reason to that: CSI NY!

Yep, what you read is true. Crime Scene Investigatin: New York is the reason. Odd you might think. It sort of is I assume. I get this periods where I get hooked on something. And when it’s ongoing it’s intense. Like it has bee now.

After New Year I started to watch CSI: N.Y. which is on every wednesday. It’s season 6. I started to watch episode 4 or was it 5. Doesn’t matter. I didn’t catch the first episodes of the season and wanted to watch them. After some work I got hold of the 12 first episodes of season 6 and I was hooked! I also got hold of season 5. So after finishing the 12 episodes of season 6, I saw the whole season 5.

I’ve seen 37 episode of a timespan of 11 days. Whaha. It’s ridicoulus, I know. It’s like 3 episodes a day. It’s been so bad that I’ve dreamt about this. Not CSI in particular, but crime scene investigations. I’m crazy! Well… we all knew that already!

You can understand why I haven’t had time to blog or post many pics on flickr, can’t you?

Yesterday, when turning off the lights and waiting for sleep to catch me, I was thinking about the fact that I need to let some creativity back into my life again.  So I decided to bring my camera to work and take some pics after work ended at 16.00.

Here is the result:

A beautiful tree.

A VW with a beautiful blue color and a cat sticker in its headlight.

Barb wire. Oh the grain.

This bird reminded me of Twitter. haha. Love the colors!

I haven’t planned to stop with today. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m bringing my camera tomorrow too. I will walk in a different area and see if I can get some other cool shots. Lets hope there will be some sunlight tomorrow too.

Before the week is over, I have to make mum a card since it’s Mother’s Day here in Norway on sunday. And I would like to finish the wedding card I’ve started who Linda is giving to a her boyfriends sister and husband to come.

I also might do some fun foodshots. We’ll see how much time I got.

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