Brushing up

My friend Chantie is painting her kitchen / hall these days. Knowing she’s brushing up her apartment, makes me wanna do something with mine.

Yesterday I went shopping. I went to a store called Søstrene Grene (the Grene Sisters). I was looking for a box I could store coffee in. I didn’t find that, but I found a pretty awesome shower curtain as you can see in the picture above.

It matches my walls in the bathroom. The only downside with it, is that it’s 20 cm too short. I didn’t think of the length when I bought it. The one I had up is 20 cm longer and goes almost all the way down to the floor. This one doesn’t and it looks a bit stupid. But the print on it is so cool, that I’ve decided to ignore it.

My flickr-buddy Shanon has a lot of mirrors in her house. Mirrors are cool and I would like to buy one myself. Mirrors are great for taking self portraits. Esp. when you don’t have a remote control and have to rely on the built-in timer in camera or a mirror.

This mirror is from IKEA and it’s beautiful. I want to buy it and place it somewhere. The problem is, I have no clue where to put it. In my bedroom I already have enough mirros. My wardrobe doors are mirrors and they are 236 cm high and 150 cm wide in total. And my walls are covered too.

I could of course put it in the livingroom, but I’m not sure where it would fit. i could place it over my dining table, but would that look OK or just stupid?

Looking at that picture, it makes me wanna get rid of that door and make and make a wall. That door, it is the most stupidest placed door ever. It leeds to my bedroom. But you can access the bedroom from the hall as well. What were they thinking, the ones who built this building in 1936?

If I can make a wall there, I could place a mirror there. I think I have to hold on to that thought about gettin rid of the door. Make it a summer project would be a good idea. With that I don’t mean I’ll do the job myself. Oh no. But I can hire someone to do it while I have vacation. Then I don’t have to take hours off work and can watch someone do it.

This reminds me of another summer project I got; tile my balcony. I did it with the balcony I had on my last apartment and I would really like this one to be tiled too. That would not only make it look prettier, but it’s also would be easier to clean!

One problem is that I would like the tiles to be dark. Like dark grey, close to black. But dark tiles get hot. And I would like to be able to walk on the balcony without buring my feet. heh. So I have to pick some other color I think. It should match the brick wall too. It’s brick-red or what it’s called.

I called dad today and asked if he wanted to help out with the tiles. He would. Good, because I wouldn’t know how to do it myself. It’s only 6 m2, so it’s not that big. My last balcony was twice the size.

To end this post, I’ll post a link to Pur Norsk: a norwegian Design store. It got some awesome pieces there. Too bad it’s so very expensive there. But one can dream, right?

the bugs

You know you’ve seen too much CSI when you hear about a murder on the news (radio) and when they say that the police are at the place where the girl was obducted looking for shoeprints, you instantly can visualise what they are doing / how they are doing it.

This happened to me early this week. When I realised I was thinking about CSI I had to smile to myself.

I’m currently watching season 3. Only a few more epoisodes left now. I should be tracking down season 2. Or should I wait a bit, get a break from it? Try to get rid of that CSI bug? Doesn’t sound very fun. I think I’ll keep the bug for a little bit longer.

Talking about bugs. There is no news I’ve also caught the John Mayer bug. I’ve been listening to him constantly since he was on Skavlan (talkshow) the 15th of January. Today is the first time I listen to something else I think. And what do I listen to? Springsteen. Ta-da… :p No bomb that either. Well, I was watching CSI and filmed a sign saying ‘something turnpike’. The word turnpike reminds me of some old Springsteen songs.

Maybe this is it? Maybe this is the day when the bug leaves me? I have lots of other music I want to listen to. Lots of music I haven’t listend to enough; like Kleerup, the new Green Day album, old Joy Division albums etc.

I also got another bug I’m trying to get rid of. And that is the chocolate-bug.  Or I should actually say sweets-bug.

Last tuesday Linda was visiting me. While eating dinner I complained to her about my jeans not being big enough anymore and my growing belly. Not ‘i-m-pregnant-growing’, but ‘I’ve-eaten-too-much-chocolate-growing’. She welcomed me to the club! Heh.

Linda came up with the idea to have a little competition. Who could eat the least amount of candy in on month? We would start the next day and for every piece of chocolate, candy, sweetbread etc we ate, we would get one point. The one with the most points would loose!

We couldn’t just leave it wiht that. The looser had to do something in order to make it more interesting. So we made a deal that the looser has to make a three-course meal. None of us wants to do that.

So, how am I doing?

I haven’t eaten any candy since tuesday! Nothing! I’m quite surprised I’ve managed to keep it up so long. You know, I used to eat chocolate every day. I’ve thought about chocolate many times, but I’ve managed to only think about it.

It helps to not have any chocolate in the house. Well, I do have some, but I’ve hid it. Maybe not exactly hid it, but placed it somewhere I can’t access it easily. In the hall I have a shelf over the doors to the bedroom and livingroom. It’s very deep and I need a chair to get things down from it. I tossed the chocolate I had into the back of that shelf. It would be close to impossible to reach it wihtout some serious work.

Today has been hard. I want something sweet so bad. I would love to bake a cake or something. Marble cake, cream puffs or something… Siiiigh!

I got some crakers. I’ve eaten those the last days. I think I’m gonna eat some of those, even though I’m starting to get tired of them.

Card for the cool kid

My nephew Emil has soon completed his first year as a human being. Only little less than a month left and he will level up to year 1 and level 2. He has done good the first year. Two teeth is there and he is on his way to walk. I’m pretty sure it will happen before hi turn 1.

Here the other day I started to sketch out the birthday card I’m gonna give him. My plan was to just look at some ideas, but before I knew it the card was half done. I completed it today.

Front. And here’s the back:

I finally got to use that pattern paper. I’ve had it for a long time now waiting for Emil to turn 1, so  I could use it!

The gift is bought too, but I’m not gonna tell what that is. Not that I think Emil will read it (he’s smart, but not that smart!), but his mum might do so.

To end this, I’ve pulled out a photo from the archive and processed it. It’s taken during the Christmas card photosession I had with him in late November. He was eating here.

Wedding card

My friend Linda asked for a wedding card. Her boyfriends sister is getting married in March.

I got the idea of making a sort of childish card. The card says Joans + Rachel = true. That is what we wrote/said when we were kids. My and my friend Linda, we used to have lots of secret books nobody were allowed to read in. In those books we wrote about all they guys we loved. We wrote their names over and over. That’s where I got the idea from. The two teddybear like persons adds to the childish theme.

This is the front.

This is the inside (left) and the envolope (right).

This is not a typical wedding card with wedding cakes, pink theme etc. But I recon it will still do as a wedding card, right?

Operation: SNOW!

The last days, it has snowed a lot. It’s not long ago since the streets I live in was cleared for the most of the snow. Now it’s back to bad again. I’m so glad I don’t have a car.

It started thursday afternoon. I was in all afternoon/night babysitting my nephew, so I didn’t notice it. Not until I was heading home a few minutes past 23. I was happy to get a ride almost all the way home. Someone who was at the same Rammstein concert as my sister and Geir was driving a friend of them home. She lives a few streets away from me. I jumped off close to home and only had to walk for a few mintues.

Man, the weather was bad! It snowed all night. Friday morning the snowing increased, but it started again friday night. When I left Ellen’s apartment after dinner and watching the Olympics, it was a bit windy outside and cold. Brr.

Yesterday I took a look at my balcony. It was filled with snow. I couldn’t access it from the balcony door, that’s how bad it was. I knew I had to deal with all the snow, because the escape door to the next balcony was totally blocked too. In case of fire, you need a place to run.

I had to showle the snow down five floors; the airway of course. Every now and then I had to look down not to hit anyone with my snow. It would’ve been bad if I’d dumped snow in somebody’s head.

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday (too bad), so I don’t have any pictures of how bad the balcony actually was. But after I’d continued working on getting rid of the snow today, I got some pictures. Things like this needs to be documented, right? I read on some random blog today that blogs with only text is boring, it needs pictures to spice up things. I totally agree.

This is how the balcony looks like now. It was filled with snow!

Here is the other side.

Here’s the shovel and me. I love how the handle of the shovel and my beloved Dr. Martens boots match in color.

Some times I wish I had a roof over my balcony. If the roof had been there I wouldn’t have had so much snow on it. I don’t remember having this problem when I lived on the first floor.

But… living on the top floor grants you great view over Oslo. The view below is was greets me every time I step outside the balcony. When I think about, I think I’ll take the view over the roof.

Talking about my balcony. This summer Im planning to upgrade it with tiles on the floor. Now it’s just concrete which isn’t very pretty. And not easy to clean either. I would love black tiles, but black tiles will get superhot during the summer. And superhot tiles will burn my tiny feet. So I would have to look for some other color.

Well, there are lots of snow that has to melt and lots of days that has to pass before I’m going to start on that project, so I’m not going to put much thought in it right now.

Now it’s time for either a) CSI or b) finishing a wedding card.

Hmmm… What to do?

The new TV is in the house

The new TV came on tuesday. I’m really happy with it. It’s got a arm behind it so I can pull it out and swing it both to left and right. I thought that would be nice, because then I can watch TV while siting at the dining table. Or scrapping-table as I have renamed it ;)

The only thing that bothers me is that it’s hung up a little too close to the cd-shelf above it. I thought it was less space between the TV bench and the CD shelf than it acutally was.

It doesn’t look as bad in real life, than it does here in this photo. Chantie said something that is right; it’s not the TV that is hung up too hight, it’s the CD shelf that is hung too low. heh. Well, the TV is in the right hight for my eyes.

Either way, the TV rocks!

The TV bench was a bit discolored because of the sun. So it was a huge mark where the TV had been. I had to cover that up so I dug deep into my drawer with table cloths (which I normally never use) and found a red one with golden threds in it. It reminds me of Christmas, but that’s only because of the colors. I suspect my friend Linda has bought me this, but I can’t tell for sure.

With the TV up on the wall, there were a little space underneeth it which I thought needed to be covered. What did I find? Some tealights holders of course! I got plenty of them and was happy that I could pull out two orange one I had stacked away in my bookshelf.

It’s a perfect place for teacandle holders, becuase they’re easy to see. when they’re lit.

So far I’ve used the TV to watch the Olympics and CSI. Surprised? I’m not. There’s so much Olympics on the TV you can’t miss it. Not that I want to, I love the Olympic Winter Games. And CSI? I loooove it. In the middle of season 4 now. I wonder if I can find season 3 somewhere. I’ll have a look for it.

Right now I’m gonna go enjoy my new TV for a while.

A monday evening

I bought these on saturday. They are so lovely and cheerfull. I can’t wait to use them. I would really like to use them right away, but it’s less than a week since I made cupcakes. So I should wait a little. My fat belly can’t handle more now! And I have a bowl full of waffle-batter which contains a lot of cream, so NO cupcakes in eons of time.

I’ve just downloaded a an old episode of CSI. I’m gonna start watching season 4 now. Haha. Talk about doing things backwards. First season 6, then 5 and now 4. Oh well. I don’t mind.

I would really like to watch that episode right now, but I’ve told myself I have to wait until later. I have things I need to do before that. Such as tidy up in the apartment. I just saw that I had a Christmas ornament up still. Whops. It’s a cone-shaped light that is red with tiny lightbulbs on it. I haven’t lit it since Christmas, but still… a bit stupid to still have it up. It’s pretty and not so über-christmas-ish so I didn’t see it.

To keep me company I got John Mayer (what a surprise!?) blasting through the stereo – my beloved 17 year old Technics stereo! God lord, it’s already 17 years old. Still going strong! I’m always worried I play too loud when I use it. I like to play music real loud, but I got neighbours you know. On both sides and under me. So I better behave.

Taking about old stuff. The reason I’m cleaning so much today, on a monday of all days, is that I’m getting a new TV tomorrow. If it only had been to put it on the TV bench I wouldn’t have to clean so much, but it’s going up on the wall. So a TV-guy (let’s hope he’s not as annoying as the Cable-guy, huh? lol) is coming over tomorrow to fix it. I want things to be in order when he comes.

The new TV is a 32″ Samsung from the 6 serie with full HD and everything. Apparently that’s the thing you need now. I know nothing about TV’s, so it’s my dad who has picked it out. When I told him that I might buy a new TV, he got all crazy. He nagged about this TV all the time so I just let him pick one out, to make him happy. To me, it’s not a big deal. I’ve had my TV for 12 years and it’s done its job. I might not have bought a new one if it wasn’t for my dad going crazy when I told him I might get a new. LOL!

When I said I maybe would spend my money on other things, he said he would buy me one! Crazy huh? I’m not letting him pay for the whole shabang (TV, arm so I can turn the TV to each side and cost of getting it installed), because I wouldn’t feel OK about that. On saturday we acutally argued about how much I should pay. He said nothing, I said half. He refused, so I lowered my offer a bit. We both agreed on 3000 NOK. Weird, huh? I have a wonderful, but crazy dad. Hah.

It’s good that I’m cleaning and tidying up abit, since I’m also getting a visit wednesday. Ellen is coming over for dinner then. She knows it can be messy here, but it’s not necceserry to show her that again. I’m going to make fish balls, something I loooove to eat. Yum!

Talking about food. Makes me wanna go make some waffles. Like right now! But that will also have to wait. First finish blogging, then clean for a little while. And then CSI and waffles before I go to bed. Sounds like a good plan.

Let’s hope it will be an early night. I need sleep. This week is going to be busy. In addition to said things, I’m babysitting my nephew on thursday. Hanne & Geir are going to a concert. They’re seeing Rammstein. Yikes. I think I babysitting is more fun than Rammstein. You know I love music, but Rammstein… not my cup of tea.

And this weekend, I might go out of town to see a friend. More spesific, my friend Bjørg. We were going to see each other some weeks ago, but one of her kids were sick so we postponed the meeting. Nothing is decided yet, I have to talk to her first.

Well, if I’m going to get all my things done and still watch an ep. of CSI and eat waffles, I better stop this rambling and get my ass going! So that is what I’m going to do now!

*geting my ass going*

No more posts.