This weekend I’m going to a photofair with Ellen. It’s a combined photo and travel fair and it suits us perfectly since she’s working in the travel-business and I’m photo-holic.

We decided to go weeks ago. I was pretty excited when I knew that Morten Krogvold was coming. He is one of my fave Norwegian photograhper. We didn’t know then which day he would come. But we hoped for saturday since we planned to go that day. I was pretty bummed out when I read the whole programme tuesday. He’s coming on friday! Gah! Just my luck…. I had so looked forward to hear him speak. If Ellen and I had had the opportunety to take friday off and go that they, we would. But it’s impossible.

I remember once, I think it was last year, that I saw Mr. Krogvold downtown. I so wanted to stop him and tell him how much I loved his work. But I didn’t. I chickened out. I regret I didn’t do it. Now I play with the thoughts of mailing him how much I love his work. But… it sounds a bit silly. I probably never do it…

Tuesday night when I was thinking about mailing him, I thought popped up in my mind. What if he saw my flickr account? What if he commented on it? A part of me would’ve loved if he went through it and told me  what he thinks. But a part of me is a bit reserved about the idea, because he might just tell me he thinks it’s crap. And I would be pretty bummed out if he did. So maybe better to not have him check out my photos? I dunno. Well, it’s nothing to dwell about really, cos what’s the chance he will? Close to zero I guess.

Even without Mr. Krogvolds presense at the photo fair, I’m sure it will be fun to be there. There will be a lot of photo-equipment companies there. Hopefully they will have a few good deals. Maybe someone can tell me what kind of macro lense I oughta buy? And I saw that Epson was going to be there. Maybe they have a good deal on a photoprinter? I can hope!

There will also be some exhibitions and I’m looking forward to see some great photographes!

The entrence is 150 nok, but Ellen tipped me about something good. You could enter a travel-contest and then get 50% off the entrence ticket. I did that last night; answered three fairly easy questions and submitted them. Then I got a email in return which I had to print in order to get the 50%off.

After the fair Ellen and I decided to eat pizza. There is this pizza-place, Dolly Dimpel, close to the train/bus station. They have great pizza. Looking forward to that.

Brithdaycards vol. I

I’m making a set with ten birhtday cards for someone. I’m not gonna tell who, even though I’m pretty sure that person isn’t reading this blog.

I started on saturday, did some yesterday and finished two cards today.  Some of my lovely new pattern paper have been used. And finally I got to use some of those ladybugs I bought months ago. They are so utterly cute!

Up: outside. Down: inside.

Up: outside. Down: inside.

So what do you think?

That paper-pattern inside the last card is so pretty and I thought I might wanna use that pattern later. Then a clever little idea popped into my mind; lets make a sample of it. So I found a paper and and draw around the lines. Now I just have to cut it out and store it some place safe.

Seeing these cards and other cards I’ve made, tells me I got a certain way to make my card. I have my own style. I’m not filling my cards with lots of different papers, flowers, brads, ribbons, rubber stamps etc. like I see others do. I keep it quite simple.

One reason for that is because I do simple best. I don’t know how to “do” cards that are not simple. I can not visualize them in my head and I would have a hard time trying.

So I do what I can best. I make it simple.

Winter walk

It has been cold this weekend. As predicted. I guess it’s been like between – 15 to – 20 all weekend. Brrrr.

On friday I was a bit afraid wouldn’t be able to go on a photowalk this weekend. I wasn’t feeling well and left work early. I had an upset belly that had kept me awake a lot thursday night. I’m not gonna say anymore spesific about that, because it’s eeeww!

Yesterday I just rested inside, baked bread and went to Ellen for pizza and some rummy-play in the evening. I was too lazy to go out and take pics.

Today I made it. Ah! Good times. Didn’t think I would be out for long, since it was a bit cold, but when I headed home I realised I had been out walking for two hours! Im pretty sure I walked the 10.000 steps you’re supposed to walk every day.

While heading home I had this feeling that I didn’t have that many great shots. I tried to count  places I had been where I knew I had taken a cool shot. I could only come up with a few.

When I later looked through my 227 photos taken today, I was quite happy. 227 photos sounds so much. But it really isn’t. I usually take lots of photos of the same subject just to be sure I will have one decent one. So there isn’t 227 different motifs. There is more like 30.

Apart from taking pictures of bikes, buildings, flowers, landscaps etc, I do like abstract photos; photos with interesting patterns, lines and such. I took a few of those today too.

Here are some of todays shots:

Who doesn’t like fence bokeh with gorgous sunlight?

That light! I smiled brightly when I saw this brick wall and the sun hitting it so beautifully. I went “yes, there I have a super shot”! heh.

And here are some abstact beauty.

As the last shot, you’ll get some tiny red berries.

I will put more of my photos up at flickr. Some maybe today already, but the rest will come sometimes this week. I guess I’ll post one or two each day. I might even process some more shots as well. I haven’t finsihed going through todays photos. I just got a little fed up and wanted to do something else too.

That something else, is to make some birthday cards I’m giving away as a birthday present. If I’ll get some cards ready, I’ll upload them later here.

Back in business

For the past six months most of my photographing has evolved around doors. As I’ve said before I led to me not taking that many pics of other stuff. I didn’t have many photowalks where I concentrated on other things than doors. When I look back at my photostream at flickr I see most door-photos.

Ending the door-project is not something I have regret one single time . It was a bit weird the day after I quit, since my camera wasn’t in my purse for the first time in over six months! I felt lighter, at several levels. The purse was of course not so heavy anymore. And I had one less worry. There were no need to have the door of the day in my mind all the time.

The second day after I quit, I just felt happy. I knew there soon would be time for me to take my camera on a walk and just look for other things to shot. It was time to create that magic bokeh again, which I so strongly love.

I had a walk on sunday, when I was out searching for my last door. I brought my 50 mm lens, so I also could make shots with lots of light and beautiful bokeh. While doing the door-project I mostly used my other lense (18-200 mm) because it was more practical.

I took less than 100 pics that day and when I take pics I usually take at least 4 pics of the same subject, if not more. I try different angles and such. So I didn’t that many different subject. But I still managed get a lot of great shots in my honest opinion. That makes me happy. I haven’t lost the touch, even I sort of was away from that kind of photographing for almost six months. I guess it’s like biking. Once you’ve learned it, you’ll always be able to do it. Even if you don’t bike for a year or two.

I have lit a spark inside me that is firing. I want to go out and photograph soon again. It’s still winter and dark here up north, so evenings are no good to photographes.  I need the weekend to come!

I so want to go out on saturday and sunday to photograph lots of beautiful things. But there is a bit of a problem; the cold weather. On saturday it will be sunny and -19  C, but because of the wind it will feels like -29 C. Brrr. That is mighty cold! It will be slightly better on sunday. It will be – 15 C and it will feel like -23 C.  Will I be able to go out in that cold? I have no idea. I would have to dress myself as if I’m going to Siberian ;)

I would like to bring Ellen on my photowalk, but I’m not sure if she will agree on going out in this cold weather. And I wouldn’t blame her if she says no.

Gah. I wish it wasn’t so darn cold outside.

Lets end with a few photos from my last photowalk.

It says: “Nothing is like writing in sand, like promise of love”.

This is the tunnel where I shot the photo above this.

Creative kick: new header

Sometimes I got the urge to be creative, but I don’t know what to do. I had one of those days today.

After I’d come home, emptied the dishwasher, organized my pattern paper/cardboad, collected all my Christmas ornaments, played Cafe World on Facebook, met Geir downstairs with my sisters sowing machine and eaten chicken for dinner, I sat down wondering what to do.

I thought of several things:

  • taking a self portrait for what become a new flickr-project.
  • work on my book about the 202 doors I’ve shot.
  • make birthday cards

I ended up making a new header for this blog. I’ve wanted to do that for a while now, but haven’t gotten to it. Not before today.

It took me long to get it done. I’m always so indecicive when it comes to things like that. Just take the font. I had to search looong before I found something I liked. I really like this stitched font. It looks so cool. And it fits this blog I think.

To figure out what kind of text I wanted was hard. I tried to find a little something that rhymed, but found out quite fast that that didn’t work. Word that rhymes with photos, music or papercards is almost none-excisiting.

With a little help from Chantie, I managed to finish up at last. I’m quite satisfied with the result. What do you think?

Papers & organizing

I had my first day at work after the Christmas holiday today. Man, it was tiring. I fell asleep late last night and didn’t get enough sleep. My breakfast was two donuts and a glass of milk.

When I left the office I had to go to the postoffice to post a few things. I went downtown. My packages was already pre-stamped so I just had to deliver them. No queue!

I treated myself with a trip to two scrapbooking stores after that; Steffens and Panduro. I had two things I needed:

Cardboard in various colors. I picked a little bit of everything. It’s good to have some basic paper when you’re gonna make cards. That Bloom & Grow pattern paper was on sale. My mind tricked me into thinking I needed it. I got a lot of pattern paper for Christmas (from my scrapping-friend  Sissel), but this was so beautiful and on sale…

Storrage for my cardboard and pattern paper. I do have one of the boxes (bottom picture) already, but it’s full! I need to devide the papers in two categories; one with pattern paper and one with one-color cardboard.

I also bought a few other things on sale. Some Christmas things; stickers for Christmas light, stickers for gift-tags or cards and two of the same plywood figure for Christmas cards.

Now I’m ready to make lots of cards; mostly birhtday cards. I have some upcoming birthdays that I need cards for. And I think I’m gonna give a set with five or ten birthdaycards as presents as well.

It will be a lot easier to do this now,  since I’ve tidied up in my scrapbook-things. I put away all the Christmas things and organized the rest.

I’m good to go :)

Everything has to come to an end

It’s official.

My door project is coming to and end. 163 doors too soon. I have known for a while that the ending has been near, but I’ve tried to keep on as long as possible. First I thought I’d stop halfway, at 183 doors, but then the holidays came and I had time to concentrate on it. So I kept on.

Then I thought I should stop at 200 doors; a nice and even number. But that was on friday. And I thought, why not go on for two more days. It’s weekend and I still have time.

Now it’s sunday and todays door is taken and ready to be uploaded to flickr.

It’s a new year and the spark is missing. Just thinking of searching for doors in the dark makes me sigh. I don’t want to do it. Before Christmas I shot doors when I went to get the groceries for the office. I’ve shot all the doors there is to shoot between my office and the grocerystore. That option is still no longer avaliable. So then it would’ve been back to searching for doors in the dark. That is no fun. Not only is it dark, it’s cold too! Brrrr.

This project should be fun, not a drag. And now it’s more of a drag than fun. So that’s way I’m stopping.

Another reason is that I didn’t got time to take pics of anything else. You may think that one door each day won’t take much time and that there should be plenty of time to shoot other things. It’s not. It kept me from shooting other things. And I don’t want to be one-dimentional. I want to shot lots of things.

Now that I’ve had two weeks off, I’ve had time to shoot other things like snow, bikes, landscapes etc. It’s been great! I’ve loved every second of it.

When I think back, I don’t see this as a failur. I see this as a huge acomplishment! I managed to take one door every day for 202 days. That’s 6 and a half months. If that’s not good, I don’t know.

Looking back at all my doors, I’ve found a few faves. I’ve picked nine to share.

I know I won’t start another 365 project. It’s too big of a c0mmitment. But who knows, mabye I’ll start a smaller project. Maybe a 52 weeks project? ;)

Stay tuned.

No more posts.