I <3 Playmobil

I got a creative kick with these Playmobil figures. I got the idea from my flickr-friend Kjersti. Yes, her name is the same as mine. Funny, ay? ;)

So when I went home to my parents on dinner on saturday, I took a trip up to the attic to find some old playmobil figures. I couldn’t find the bag with all my playmobil stuff, but I found a few things among my Lego and the doll-house.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been shooting playmobiles. It has been very funny! Kjersti said we should create a group on flickr for these pictures. I agreed. So today I’ve done that. You can see it here.

For this shot, I used some pattern paper as a background.

This picture I called “Is this a dream?” on Flickr.

This one I haven’t posted on Flickr yet. Not sure if Im going to. It’s sort of the same as the black & white one, just with different editing. I really like how I managed to make it look like they’re standing in fog or something because the feet fades into the ground.

I know this sounds weird (I’m always very weird), but I think I need a name for these two… Hmm. I have to give that some thoughts.

It’s getting late. This is what  I’m going to do now:

  1. write down my new playmobil/mothers day idea in my notebook.
  2. Undress, go to bed and think about names until I fall asleep.

Stay tuned for more shots like these.

I have one more idea for a shot with the playmobils. I can shot it now, but I would have to wait with posting it until Mothers Day. You see, it got a Mothers Day theme. Here in Norway we celebrate Mothers Day the second sunday in Februar. This time it will be the 14th,  the same day as Valentines Day.

2 responses to I <3 Playmobil

  1. musketnuss

    I adore the black and white one! I would totally put this one up on my wall. (I linked your blog in my last post – I assumed that’s okay with you?)

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