Summer vacation

I saw this picture of a Lionfish on flickr yesterday. I got the urge to shoot cool stuff like lionfishes and such! Then I came to think of this picture above of a similar lionfish I caught on camera when I visited Stockholm some years ago while being there on vacation.

 Vacation. I got an e-mail from my boss at the end of this working week. She said she’s been getting some wishes for summer vacations already. And she wanted us to think abou it and send her an e-mail telling her when we want to take our vacation.

Jeeze Louise, am I going to figure that out already? I feel like I’ve just come back from my Christmas holiday. I haven’t thought about summer vacation at all!

I have no idea what I’m going to do this summer. Will I travel somewhere? If so, with who?

I have this upcoming vacation in late March to see Chantie, but I only need one day off since Easter gives us three holiday-days as it is.

Ellen and I talked about going to Stockholm again, but I’m not sure that will happen. She has booked a trip to England (London) to see some friends. I guess she’ll stay a week or so, I don’t quite remember. Not sure she can afford going to Stockholm as well. I haven’t talked to her about it. It was half a year ago or so we spoke about it.

Chantie and I, we talked about Pinkpop. But it’s not likely that we’re going even though we really want to. Chantie wants to spend money on upgrading her livingroom and she might not have money to both do that and go to Pinkpop. So I’m not counting on Pinkpop this year. But I might ask for a week off when Pinkpop is, just in case… I’m not sure yet.

I have lots of places I want to go; London, Paris, Scotland, Dublin, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, New York, Asbury Park….  The list is long. But I doubt any of those destinations will be visited this year. Maybe next year? I could of course book one more trip to Alkmaar… You can never get enough of Alkmaar.

Here the other day I was thinking about going a weekend up in the mountains. A little walking around beautiful nature, grand mountains, still water and such. Bjørg and I, we went on such a trip years ago. Stayed in a tent, walked a whole day and went back the next. I would love to do something like that again with her. We did plan another trip some years ago, but the weather prevented us from going. I’m visiting her next weekend and I’ll bring it up as a topic.

I guess I have to decide what to with my five weeks off within two weeks or so. The sooner I put in my wishes, the better chance is there that I’ll get those weeks off.

As I see it now, I’m thinking one week of in late May and at least something in the end of July / beginning of August. It’s often good weather then. And I have to leave some days to next Christmas. Because next Christmas will suck. All the days we’re off are in the weekend, so there won’t be any extra days off. Majorly stupid, but that’s how it is some times.

I will not take all my five weeks in one chunk. I like to spread it out a bit.

Now I’m off; to dream a bit about lovely cities, beautiful buildings, green parks and sitting on a bench studying strange people walking by :)

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