The Rolling Stone hunt

Some time yesteday I saw John Mayer tweet about reading an article about himself in Rolling Stone. The head story was about him. That made me interested and I thought I would like to read that myself.

Am I obsessed with Mayer these days? I listen to his music none-stop, I’ve added him to my twitter accout and I’m downloading lots of his mucis…. Well, I almost never add celebrities to my twitter acount, because they don’t interest me. But a Norwegian music journalist said, in a article he wrote about Mr. Mayer, that  his tweets was very funny. I thought, why not have a go at it? He was right by the way, his tweet is funny. So I’m keeping him for a while.

And I listen to his songs because they are fantastic! I’m curious of what else he has made, so I decided to download some more of him. I’m doing that as we speak.

Well, back to Rolling Stone.

I left work today and went downtown. I wanted to try to find that magazine. Omg. I think I visited ten kiosks (all Narvesen). Only one of them had Rolling Stone, but it was only the December issue and some special holiday issue. Gah. I was so annoyed when I went home.

I went walking the streets of Oslo for almost nothing! 10 kiosks! All in the city center.

I went to look at their webiste and then I realised, it’s not out yet! Doh! How could I known that, when it’s all featured on their website and Mayer twittered about it. I guess he had a preview copy.

At least I know now which kiost that most likely will get it. That’s at least something. Not what I had hoped for when I sat on the bus downtown though…

But thinking about it now, why didn’t the kiosk that had Rolling Stone, have the January issue? Hmmm. Where is the Januar issue? Maybe what I thought was the December issue, was December and January issue. God knows.

I have to remember to look for the next issue and hopefully I won’t forget it. But you know how my brain works.  Just like a goldfish’s  – bad, bad memory!

I find it strange that most Narvesten-kiosks (the biggest magazine-store we have) doesn’t have Rolling Stones. There were several other music magazines, like Uncut, Q, NME, but no Rolling Stone.They even had a new magazine called Elvis Presley International! Jeeze Louise, the man has been dead for eons of time. Ok, he was great and all that jazz, but still….. *rolls eyes and sigh*

Don’t they have it because it’s Amercian and all the of the other magazines seems to be from Europe? I dunno.  It’s no use for me to sit here an specualte on my own. I just have to face it, Rolling Stone is a hard magazine to find.

Maybe I should subscribe it? Hmm. doesn’t look like they send outside America. Doh! Anyway, I would have to read one issue before deciding on something like that.

If I don’t find it, I’ll have Chantie look for it in Amsterdam. She can mail it to me. Or I could get Angel to mail it to me. Hmmm. It would be a bit harder to pay her back than Chantie, so I think I’ll try her first if it comes nessecerry.

Whoa. A whole post just about Rolling Stone! Never thought that would happen ;)

One response to The Rolling Stone hunt

  1. Enkelte blader får du kun i store Narvesen kiosker som den v. Hotell Kontinental f.eks. Men det kan jo hende at noen musikkforetninger fører det.

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