Food = music & music = food

These last days my mind has been filled with two things:

  • music
  • food

Ever since I downloaded John Mayer’s album Battle Studies on sunday I haven’t been able to listen to anything else. And I listen to this album a lot! I listen to on my way to work, while I work (thank god I have a job where I can do that!), on my way home from work and when I come home. Basicly almost all the time.

Music is like food for me. I must have it. My life would’ve been shit without it. It goes in waves. Sometimes music isn’t so important, but other times it’s a must. Like now. I need music while working on my things at home (editing photos, running my fb-cafe, chatting etc)

These days it’s all about John Mayer. It didn’t get any better when I found out he has covered Springsteen’s I’m On Fire! Man, how cool! I tend not to like covers that people do of Springsteen’s songs, but this one I liked. His silky voice can’t go wrong!

As much as music is like food, these days food is like music too. It’s music in my photographing eyes. I’m at the grocerystore and my eyes are drawn to fruits and veggies I can photograph. Like I blogged about on sunday, I bought food to photograph on saturday. I’ve uploaded a few shots to flickr and I posted the photos here in my blog.

I think it was yesterday or maybe monday, I’m not sure. But one of those days I bought some more food; another apple and red onions. I saw this photo that my flickr buddy Kathrine Ridgely had taken. I instantly thought I wanted to try it out myself. Not copy it, but make my own take on it.  Today I did.

I have another similar idea with the apple and the ribbon, but I need to buy some stuff to execute that. Hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow.

This is the red onion. It worked best in black and white I think. It got a little dull in colors. So this is not all about the food aspect, this is more about the lovely pattern the onion give. Somehow the middel reminds me of a tiny fetus. Yep, that’s how my brain works. I see strange things with my eyes.

Im out of food to photograph now, so I need to think of new interesting things to photograph. It’s not easy to photograph food. It can easily be dull / unintersting photo.

I think I will have to go on a search for a pomegranate. I have always wanted to photograph one and it’s about time. Regular grocerystores doesn’t have it. At least not the ones I’ve been visiting. Maybe it’s time to find some store that only has veggies and fruits? Yes, I think so.

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