Positive things: a list

Chantie writes about positive things in almost every blogposts she writes (when she writes! (hint, hint)). So I thought I should do the same. Not write about positive things in every post I write, but in this one. This is the post about positive things. And what else can do than make a list out of it. You know me, a list-o-holic.

  • at the photo/travel fair I entered quite some contests. Answer three questions, write down your name and number and you might win a travel gift-certificate. I think I entered three or four contests. Yesterday when I left work I had to uanswered calls from the same number and a message on my phone. It was from startour.no. I had won a gift certificate on 1000 NOK! I think I screamed a bit when I listened to the message on my phone. I never win anything like that. It was about time. hah!
  • Today I went to IKEA with Ellen. First we ate dinner (the ever so delish swedish meatballs). Then we went shopping. I bought a part of a birthday gift for a friend and a few things for myself (two new garbage cans to go with our new recycling system, some candle lights and three small steel plates to put candles ontop, and a red cutting to match my red kitchen) IKEA always makes me happy.
  • I’m going to the movies on friday with Ellen. We’re going to see Up in the Air with George Clooney. I’ve seen the trailer for this movie and it seems great!
  • I bought four dvd’s on sale on saturday. It’s Coraline, Gran Torino, Kung Fu Panda and No Country for Old Men.  Four dvd’s for only 299 NOK. Sweet! I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda or No Country for Old Men yet. Looking forward to that.
  • I downloaded John Mayers album Battle Studies on saturday. My oh my. It’s awesome! Just plain awesome. It makes me in the mood to write poems. Not all music has that effect on me, but this album has. It’s an album that grows on you. It only gets better and better!
  • I still have chocolate cupcakes left from sunday. Im thinking of getting myself one right now actually…
  • A plant in my bedroom that is highly neglected is blossoming again! No matter how little I water it, it still blossoms every year. It amazes me. I’ve thought about tossing it away, because I thought it might be dieing. But I’m not gonna do that now. I’ve had it for years! At least 4 years, I would guess 5. I took a picture of it in 2006, see it here.
  • I’m while eating chocolate cupcakes and writing here, also chatting with Chantie and trying to find a new wall color for her livingroom.  It’s possible to do this even if we’re long apart. Oh the wonders of internett and it’s possibilities ;)
  • I got invited to dinner at my parents this saturday; beef and baked potatoes. How could I say no?
  • It’s not as cold outside anymore. Not – 20C like last week. A huge relief.
  • It’s only 71 days until I’m gonna see Chantie again. W00t!
  • I bought some scrapping things online yesterday. It was on sale! I can’t wait to get it. It was mostly rubber stamps with a birthday-theme. It’s much needed for the birthday-cards I’m making.
  • I’m kicking Chanties ass when it comes to Cafe World (facebook game). muwhahaha.

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