I ♥ (photographing) food

When I looked at the weather-cast for this weekend I saw there would be cloudy and no sun at all. I found out there were no use to go out and photograph. I want / need sunlight in my photographs.

I had to stop by the grocerystore on my way home from the photo-fair yesterday which was great. Then I decided to buy some food I could photograph. Yes, I buy food just to photograph them. Call me weird.

I try to buy things I like and can eat. But sometimes I buy food cos it looks cool and/or I know it will be a good subject to photograph.

Yesterday I bought some quite expensive raspberries, a red apple and a lemon. The raspberries I ate today. Man they were lovely. So lovely that I ate all at once!

The apple I’ll bring for work tomorrow. It looks yummy and I’m hoping it will taste as good as it looks.

The lemon I’ve already tossed. No need for it.

While taking these pics and editing them I’ve listened to John Mayer’s last album Battle Studies. What a great album. I came across one of his latest song on the TV a little while ago. I then heard some songs on youtube. It’s not until today I’ve managed to download it. Seeing John Mayer on Skavlan (talkshow) on friday made me think of him again. I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to this album a lot in the near future!

Now I’m concidering eating another cupcake. You see, sundays are not only a perfect day to photograph food. It’s also a perfect day to bake. I made cupcakes. Already eaten too many ;)

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