Once upon a time…

04.11.2001 was the first time I blogged. Back then, I’m not sure if the word blog was word. I know I didn’t know about it at least. What I did was write in my diary.

It’s not a coincidence that I started to blog, because I love to write, but it’s a coincidense that I ended where I ended – at diaryland.com. I remember I was in this newsgroup about Andy Kaufmann (dead comic guy) because I’d just seen the movie Man on the Moon, which was about him. And one girl posting things in this newsgroup had a signature with a link to her diary at diaryland.com. Her username was flink. It’s strange how I still remember.

After reading her diary, I decided to make my own. I’ve kept several written diary in my life so keeping one wasn’t new to me. Being able to write so much more in less time and a chance for others to read, made me sign up.

For five years I wrote in that diary about my personal life. I wrote over 700 entires. That’s a lot. A big part of my life is written down and I find that quite cool.

I quit blogging because I got fed up by writing about my life. At some point it just got too much. My life was kind of boring too, so I didn’t have that much to write about either. And I have to admit, Diaryland is far from the best place to blog. It’s one of the worst actually. Logging into Diaryland now is a nightmare. You see how much it really sucks. I see that a help-request I sent over four years ago, still not has been replied. That made me laugh, becuase it’s so stupid!

But apart from sucking majorly, it was a great place to start blogging and I loved it very dearly one time. And it has given me something very special!

I found one of my best friends at Diaryland. Or was it her that found me? I’m not sure. Let’s say we found each other. It’s quite amazing that in this internet-jungle, you can find someone who ends up being a longlife friend. I would acutally go as a far as saying a soulmate <3

It’s five years since I left Diaryland. So why am I writing about this now? Why did I devote a blog entry about this? Well, because I have another friend, located in the States, who still are blogging on Diaryland. And yesterday I saw in her latest update that she wanted a new layout and needed help. I immideately said I would do it, because I love to design layouts.

Yesterday I started on the new design and I used my old blog to test out the design. And as I was going to bed, all these thoughts popped up in my mind. I actually had to write them down on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget them.

Here they are, the thoughts about the past… and the next post will probably be about something more related to the future.

Now I’m off for some food and TV. The brain needs to rest.

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