Brithdaycards vol. I

I’m making a set with ten birhtday cards for someone. I’m not gonna tell who, even though I’m pretty sure that person isn’t reading this blog.

I started on saturday, did some yesterday and finished two cards today.  Some of my lovely new pattern paper have been used. And finally I got to use some of those ladybugs I bought months ago. They are so utterly cute!

Up: outside. Down: inside.

Up: outside. Down: inside.

So what do you think?

That paper-pattern inside the last card is so pretty and I thought I might wanna use that pattern later. Then a clever little idea popped into my mind; lets make a sample of it. So I found a paper and and draw around the lines. Now I just have to cut it out and store it some place safe.

Seeing these cards and other cards I’ve made, tells me I got a certain way to make my card. I have my own style. I’m not filling my cards with lots of different papers, flowers, brads, ribbons, rubber stamps etc. like I see others do. I keep it quite simple.

One reason for that is because I do simple best. I don’t know how to “do” cards that are not simple. I can not visualize them in my head and I would have a hard time trying.

So I do what I can best. I make it simple.

One response to Brithdaycards vol. I

  1. musketnuss

    Those look awesome! Really. I love the colours – it all fits so perfect together! I think whoever gets these cards will be really happy about it. I would be!

    I like making cards, too – I don’t use ribbons, stamps or anything like that either. I’m quite addicted to bright colours and my cards always consist of several layers of paper in which I often cut shapes.

    Thank you for the comment on my fish buns. I’m always happy to know at least someone reads an entry in my blog and likes it. ;) And thanks for the tip about the header!

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