Winter walk

It has been cold this weekend. As predicted. I guess it’s been like between – 15 to – 20 all weekend. Brrrr.

On friday I was a bit afraid wouldn’t be able to go on a photowalk this weekend. I wasn’t feeling well and left work early. I had an upset belly that had kept me awake a lot thursday night. I’m not gonna say anymore spesific about that, because it’s eeeww!

Yesterday I just rested inside, baked bread and went to Ellen for pizza and some rummy-play in the evening. I was too lazy to go out and take pics.

Today I made it. Ah! Good times. Didn’t think I would be out for long, since it was a bit cold, but when I headed home I realised I had been out walking for two hours! Im pretty sure I walked the 10.000 steps you’re supposed to walk every day.

While heading home I had this feeling that I didn’t have that many great shots. I tried to count  places I had been where I knew I had taken a cool shot. I could only come up with a few.

When I later looked through my 227 photos taken today, I was quite happy. 227 photos sounds so much. But it really isn’t. I usually take lots of photos of the same subject just to be sure I will have one decent one. So there isn’t 227 different motifs. There is more like 30.

Apart from taking pictures of bikes, buildings, flowers, landscaps etc, I do like abstract photos; photos with interesting patterns, lines and such. I took a few of those today too.

Here are some of todays shots:

Who doesn’t like fence bokeh with gorgous sunlight?

That light! I smiled brightly when I saw this brick wall and the sun hitting it so beautifully. I went “yes, there I have a super shot”! heh.

And here are some abstact beauty.

As the last shot, you’ll get some tiny red berries.

I will put more of my photos up at flickr. Some maybe today already, but the rest will come sometimes this week. I guess I’ll post one or two each day. I might even process some more shots as well. I haven’t finsihed going through todays photos. I just got a little fed up and wanted to do something else too.

That something else, is to make some birthday cards I’m giving away as a birthday present. If I’ll get some cards ready, I’ll upload them later here.

3 responses to Winter walk

  1. loooove the pix babe :D the berries are very pretty and i love the abstract shots too! sometimes i have to look twice to see what it is :P well done :)


  2. Nydelige bilder pa din photo tur… Jeg liker veldi godt din processing bruker du Autmn Love actions?
    Super fin vintage feel…
    Fant deg pa flickr…jeg er Norskii.
    Ha en fin kveld.

  3. myluckytown – Author

    Hei Camilla, takk for hyggelig tilbamekelding. Bruker ikke Autmn Love Actions, men et bildeprogram som heter PhotoScape. Veldig bra, og gratisk faktisk :)

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