Back in business

For the past six months most of my photographing has evolved around doors. As I’ve said before I led to me not taking that many pics of other stuff. I didn’t have many photowalks where I concentrated on other things than doors. When I look back at my photostream at flickr I see most door-photos.

Ending the door-project is not something I have regret one single time . It was a bit weird the day after I quit, since my camera wasn’t in my purse for the first time in over six months! I felt lighter, at several levels. The purse was of course not so heavy anymore. And I had one less worry. There were no need to have the door of the day in my mind all the time.

The second day after I quit, I just felt happy. I knew there soon would be time for me to take my camera on a walk and just look for other things to shot. It was time to create that magic bokeh again, which I so strongly love.

I had a walk on sunday, when I was out searching for my last door. I brought my 50 mm lens, so I also could make shots with lots of light and beautiful bokeh. While doing the door-project I mostly used my other lense (18-200 mm) because it was more practical.

I took less than 100 pics that day and when I take pics I usually take at least 4 pics of the same subject, if not more. I try different angles and such. So I didn’t that many different subject. But I still managed get a lot of great shots in my honest opinion. That makes me happy. I haven’t lost the touch, even I sort of was away from that kind of photographing for almost six months. I guess it’s like biking. Once you’ve learned it, you’ll always be able to do it. Even if you don’t bike for a year or two.

I have lit a spark inside me that is firing. I want to go out and photograph soon again. It’s still winter and dark here up north, so evenings are no good to photographes.  I need the weekend to come!

I so want to go out on saturday and sunday to photograph lots of beautiful things. But there is a bit of a problem; the cold weather. On saturday it will be sunny and -19  C, but because of the wind it will feels like -29 C. Brrr. That is mighty cold! It will be slightly better on sunday. It will be – 15 C and it will feel like -23 C.  Will I be able to go out in that cold? I have no idea. I would have to dress myself as if I’m going to Siberian ;)

I would like to bring Ellen on my photowalk, but I’m not sure if she will agree on going out in this cold weather. And I wouldn’t blame her if she says no.

Gah. I wish it wasn’t so darn cold outside.

Lets end with a few photos from my last photowalk.

It says: “Nothing is like writing in sand, like promise of love”.

This is the tunnel where I shot the photo above this.

2 responses to Back in business

  1. Why didn’t I know about this?! Bummer.
    -what beautiful photography and blog you have. I just went thru some old posts and found you. It’s late …I’ll be back to visit tomorrow, trying to figure out who you are on flickr.
    Have a good evening.

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