Papers & organizing

I had my first day at work after the Christmas holiday today. Man, it was tiring. I fell asleep late last night and didn’t get enough sleep. My breakfast was two donuts and a glass of milk.

When I left the office I had to go to the postoffice to post a few things. I went downtown. My packages was already pre-stamped so I just had to deliver them. No queue!

I treated myself with a trip to two scrapbooking stores after that; Steffens and Panduro. I had two things I needed:

Cardboard in various colors. I picked a little bit of everything. It’s good to have some basic paper when you’re gonna make cards. That Bloom & Grow pattern paper was on sale. My mind tricked me into thinking I needed it. I got a lot of pattern paper for Christmas (from my scrapping-friend  Sissel), but this was so beautiful and on sale…

Storrage for my cardboard and pattern paper. I do have one of the boxes (bottom picture) already, but it’s full! I need to devide the papers in two categories; one with pattern paper and one with one-color cardboard.

I also bought a few other things on sale. Some Christmas things; stickers for Christmas light, stickers for gift-tags or cards and two of the same plywood figure for Christmas cards.

Now I’m ready to make lots of cards; mostly birhtday cards. I have some upcoming birthdays that I need cards for. And I think I’m gonna give a set with five or ten birthdaycards as presents as well.

It will be a lot easier to do this now,  since I’ve tidied up in my scrapbook-things. I put away all the Christmas things and organized the rest.

I’m good to go :)

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