Everything has to come to an end

It’s official.

My door project is coming to and end. 163 doors too soon. I have known for a while that the ending has been near, but I’ve tried to keep on as long as possible. First I thought I’d stop halfway, at 183 doors, but then the holidays came and I had time to concentrate on it. So I kept on.

Then I thought I should stop at 200 doors; a nice and even number. But that was on friday. And I thought, why not go on for two more days. It’s weekend and I still have time.

Now it’s sunday and todays door is taken and ready to be uploaded to flickr.

It’s a new year and the spark is missing. Just thinking of searching for doors in the dark makes me sigh. I don’t want to do it. Before Christmas I shot doors when I went to get the groceries for the office. I’ve shot all the doors there is to shoot between my office and the grocerystore. That option is still no longer avaliable. So then it would’ve been back to searching for doors in the dark. That is no fun. Not only is it dark, it’s cold too! Brrrr.

This project should be fun, not a drag. And now it’s more of a drag than fun. So that’s way I’m stopping.

Another reason is that I didn’t got time to take pics of anything else. You may think that one door each day won’t take much time and that there should be plenty of time to shoot other things. It’s not. It kept me from shooting other things. And I don’t want to be one-dimentional. I want to shot lots of things.

Now that I’ve had two weeks off, I’ve had time to shoot other things like snow, bikes, landscapes etc. It’s been great! I’ve loved every second of it.

When I think back, I don’t see this as a failur. I see this as a huge acomplishment! I managed to take one door every day for 202 days. That’s 6 and a half months. If that’s not good, I don’t know.

Looking back at all my doors, I’ve found a few faves. I’ve picked nine to share.

I know I won’t start another 365 project. It’s too big of a c0mmitment. But who knows, mabye I’ll start a smaller project. Maybe a 52 weeks project? ;)

Stay tuned.

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