I ♥ bikes

There is something about bikes. I just love them. Most of all I love the old ones. The ones with an old seat, three gears and a basket case in front of the bike to carry groceries or flowers.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a flat country like Denmark or the Netherlands. Then I could take my bike out and about all the time. Just imagine it: a summer day, with a breeze in your hair, a bottle of cold water &  some baguettes filled with yummy stuff inside in the basket case and a long road ahead. Then you stop, place your bike towards a big tree and eat.

It’s far from flat here in Norway and Oslo where I live. We have heights and hills which not always are so friendly. Some years ago I bought a bike so I could bike to work. That didn’t go very well. I only biked to the office a handfull of times.

It’s also far from summer and weather to bike in too.

Today I was out to find todays door and pick up some groceries. I had to go to a second groceristore to get milk today. Kiwi didn’t have the one I buy. i was annoyed at first, but now I’m acutally happy about it. On my way home from the second grocerystore I passed by some bikes in the snow. One of them, which wasn’t totally covered in snow, caught my eye. It was so beautiful. Of course I had to stop and take some pictures of it. The top one is taken today and here are two more.

These are pretty right?

To see more pretty bikes, go to Shades of mediocriti’s (a flickr-buddy) bike-set. She has some awesome pictures of bikes!

2 responses to I ♥ bikes

  1. Jennie

    How come you didn’t bike to work more often? Because of the heights and hills, etc?
    I love Norway and would love to live there one day. :)


  2. myluckytown – Author

    Yes, because of the hills and heights. Comeing to work all sweaty isn’t nice :p And you can say I’m a bit lazy… hahah

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