I <3 Playmobil

I got a creative kick with these Playmobil figures. I got the idea from my flickr-friend Kjersti. Yes, her name is the same as mine. Funny, ay? ;)

So when I went home to my parents on dinner on saturday, I took a trip up to the attic to find some old playmobil figures. I couldn’t find the bag with all my playmobil stuff, but I found a few things among my Lego and the doll-house.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been shooting playmobiles. It has been very funny! Kjersti said we should create a group on flickr for these pictures. I agreed. So today I’ve done that. You can see it here.

For this shot, I used some pattern paper as a background.

This picture I called “Is this a dream?” on Flickr.

This one I haven’t posted on Flickr yet. Not sure if Im going to. It’s sort of the same as the black & white one, just with different editing. I really like how I managed to make it look like they’re standing in fog or something because the feet fades into the ground.

I know this sounds weird (I’m always very weird), but I think I need a name for these two… Hmm. I have to give that some thoughts.

It’s getting late. This is what  I’m going to do now:

  1. write down my new playmobil/mothers day idea in my notebook.
  2. Undress, go to bed and think about names until I fall asleep.

Stay tuned for more shots like these.

I have one more idea for a shot with the playmobils. I can shot it now, but I would have to wait with posting it until Mothers Day. You see, it got a Mothers Day theme. Here in Norway we celebrate Mothers Day the second sunday in Februar. This time it will be the 14th,  the same day as Valentines Day.

Summer vacation

I saw this picture of a Lionfish on flickr yesterday. I got the urge to shoot cool stuff like lionfishes and such! Then I came to think of this picture above of a similar lionfish I caught on camera when I visited Stockholm some years ago while being there on vacation.

 Vacation. I got an e-mail from my boss at the end of this working week. She said she’s been getting some wishes for summer vacations already. And she wanted us to think abou it and send her an e-mail telling her when we want to take our vacation.

Jeeze Louise, am I going to figure that out already? I feel like I’ve just come back from my Christmas holiday. I haven’t thought about summer vacation at all!

I have no idea what I’m going to do this summer. Will I travel somewhere? If so, with who?

I have this upcoming vacation in late March to see Chantie, but I only need one day off since Easter gives us three holiday-days as it is.

Ellen and I talked about going to Stockholm again, but I’m not sure that will happen. She has booked a trip to England (London) to see some friends. I guess she’ll stay a week or so, I don’t quite remember. Not sure she can afford going to Stockholm as well. I haven’t talked to her about it. It was half a year ago or so we spoke about it.

Chantie and I, we talked about Pinkpop. But it’s not likely that we’re going even though we really want to. Chantie wants to spend money on upgrading her livingroom and she might not have money to both do that and go to Pinkpop. So I’m not counting on Pinkpop this year. But I might ask for a week off when Pinkpop is, just in case… I’m not sure yet.

I have lots of places I want to go; London, Paris, Scotland, Dublin, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, New York, Asbury Park….  The list is long. But I doubt any of those destinations will be visited this year. Maybe next year? I could of course book one more trip to Alkmaar… You can never get enough of Alkmaar.

Here the other day I was thinking about going a weekend up in the mountains. A little walking around beautiful nature, grand mountains, still water and such. Bjørg and I, we went on such a trip years ago. Stayed in a tent, walked a whole day and went back the next. I would love to do something like that again with her. We did plan another trip some years ago, but the weather prevented us from going. I’m visiting her next weekend and I’ll bring it up as a topic.

I guess I have to decide what to with my five weeks off within two weeks or so. The sooner I put in my wishes, the better chance is there that I’ll get those weeks off.

As I see it now, I’m thinking one week of in late May and at least something in the end of July / beginning of August. It’s often good weather then. And I have to leave some days to next Christmas. Because next Christmas will suck. All the days we’re off are in the weekend, so there won’t be any extra days off. Majorly stupid, but that’s how it is some times.

I will not take all my five weeks in one chunk. I like to spread it out a bit.

Now I’m off; to dream a bit about lovely cities, beautiful buildings, green parks and sitting on a bench studying strange people walking by :)

The Rolling Stone hunt

Some time yesteday I saw John Mayer tweet about reading an article about himself in Rolling Stone. The head story was about him. That made me interested and I thought I would like to read that myself.

Am I obsessed with Mayer these days? I listen to his music none-stop, I’ve added him to my twitter accout and I’m downloading lots of his mucis…. Well, I almost never add celebrities to my twitter acount, because they don’t interest me. But a Norwegian music journalist said, in a article he wrote about Mr. Mayer, that  his tweets was very funny. I thought, why not have a go at it? He was right by the way, his tweet is funny. So I’m keeping him for a while.

And I listen to his songs because they are fantastic! I’m curious of what else he has made, so I decided to download some more of him. I’m doing that as we speak.

Well, back to Rolling Stone.

I left work today and went downtown. I wanted to try to find that magazine. Omg. I think I visited ten kiosks (all Narvesen). Only one of them had Rolling Stone, but it was only the December issue and some special holiday issue. Gah. I was so annoyed when I went home.

I went walking the streets of Oslo for almost nothing! 10 kiosks! All in the city center.

I went to look at their webiste and then I realised, it’s not out yet! Doh! How could I known that, when it’s all featured on their website and Mayer twittered about it. I guess he had a preview copy.

At least I know now which kiost that most likely will get it. That’s at least something. Not what I had hoped for when I sat on the bus downtown though…

But thinking about it now, why didn’t the kiosk that had Rolling Stone, have the January issue? Hmmm. Where is the Januar issue? Maybe what I thought was the December issue, was December and January issue. God knows.

I have to remember to look for the next issue and hopefully I won’t forget it. But you know how my brain works.  Just like a goldfish’s  – bad, bad memory!

I find it strange that most Narvesten-kiosks (the biggest magazine-store we have) doesn’t have Rolling Stones. There were several other music magazines, like Uncut, Q, NME, but no Rolling Stone.They even had a new magazine called Elvis Presley International! Jeeze Louise, the man has been dead for eons of time. Ok, he was great and all that jazz, but still….. *rolls eyes and sigh*

Don’t they have it because it’s Amercian and all the of the other magazines seems to be from Europe? I dunno.  It’s no use for me to sit here an specualte on my own. I just have to face it, Rolling Stone is a hard magazine to find.

Maybe I should subscribe it? Hmm. doesn’t look like they send outside America. Doh! Anyway, I would have to read one issue before deciding on something like that.

If I don’t find it, I’ll have Chantie look for it in Amsterdam. She can mail it to me. Or I could get Angel to mail it to me. Hmmm. It would be a bit harder to pay her back than Chantie, so I think I’ll try her first if it comes nessecerry.

Whoa. A whole post just about Rolling Stone! Never thought that would happen ;)

Food = music & music = food

These last days my mind has been filled with two things:

  • music
  • food

Ever since I downloaded John Mayer’s album Battle Studies on sunday I haven’t been able to listen to anything else. And I listen to this album a lot! I listen to on my way to work, while I work (thank god I have a job where I can do that!), on my way home from work and when I come home. Basicly almost all the time.

Music is like food for me. I must have it. My life would’ve been shit without it. It goes in waves. Sometimes music isn’t so important, but other times it’s a must. Like now. I need music while working on my things at home (editing photos, running my fb-cafe, chatting etc)

These days it’s all about John Mayer. It didn’t get any better when I found out he has covered Springsteen’s I’m On Fire! Man, how cool! I tend not to like covers that people do of Springsteen’s songs, but this one I liked. His silky voice can’t go wrong!

As much as music is like food, these days food is like music too. It’s music in my photographing eyes. I’m at the grocerystore and my eyes are drawn to fruits and veggies I can photograph. Like I blogged about on sunday, I bought food to photograph on saturday. I’ve uploaded a few shots to flickr and I posted the photos here in my blog.

I think it was yesterday or maybe monday, I’m not sure. But one of those days I bought some more food; another apple and red onions. I saw this photo that my flickr buddy Kathrine Ridgely had taken. I instantly thought I wanted to try it out myself. Not copy it, but make my own take on it.  Today I did.

I have another similar idea with the apple and the ribbon, but I need to buy some stuff to execute that. Hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow.

This is the red onion. It worked best in black and white I think. It got a little dull in colors. So this is not all about the food aspect, this is more about the lovely pattern the onion give. Somehow the middel reminds me of a tiny fetus. Yep, that’s how my brain works. I see strange things with my eyes.

Im out of food to photograph now, so I need to think of new interesting things to photograph. It’s not easy to photograph food. It can easily be dull / unintersting photo.

I think I will have to go on a search for a pomegranate. I have always wanted to photograph one and it’s about time. Regular grocerystores doesn’t have it. At least not the ones I’ve been visiting. Maybe it’s time to find some store that only has veggies and fruits? Yes, I think so.

Positive things: a list

Chantie writes about positive things in almost every blogposts she writes (when she writes! (hint, hint)). So I thought I should do the same. Not write about positive things in every post I write, but in this one. This is the post about positive things. And what else can do than make a list out of it. You know me, a list-o-holic.

  • at the photo/travel fair I entered quite some contests. Answer three questions, write down your name and number and you might win a travel gift-certificate. I think I entered three or four contests. Yesterday when I left work I had to uanswered calls from the same number and a message on my phone. It was from startour.no. I had won a gift certificate on 1000 NOK! I think I screamed a bit when I listened to the message on my phone. I never win anything like that. It was about time. hah!
  • Today I went to IKEA with Ellen. First we ate dinner (the ever so delish swedish meatballs). Then we went shopping. I bought a part of a birthday gift for a friend and a few things for myself (two new garbage cans to go with our new recycling system, some candle lights and three small steel plates to put candles ontop, and a red cutting to match my red kitchen) IKEA always makes me happy.
  • I’m going to the movies on friday with Ellen. We’re going to see Up in the Air with George Clooney. I’ve seen the trailer for this movie and it seems great!
  • I bought four dvd’s on sale on saturday. It’s Coraline, Gran Torino, Kung Fu Panda and No Country for Old Men.  Four dvd’s for only 299 NOK. Sweet! I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda or No Country for Old Men yet. Looking forward to that.
  • I downloaded John Mayers album Battle Studies on saturday. My oh my. It’s awesome! Just plain awesome. It makes me in the mood to write poems. Not all music has that effect on me, but this album has. It’s an album that grows on you. It only gets better and better!
  • I still have chocolate cupcakes left from sunday. Im thinking of getting myself one right now actually…
  • A plant in my bedroom that is highly neglected is blossoming again! No matter how little I water it, it still blossoms every year. It amazes me. I’ve thought about tossing it away, because I thought it might be dieing. But I’m not gonna do that now. I’ve had it for years! At least 4 years, I would guess 5. I took a picture of it in 2006, see it here.
  • I’m while eating chocolate cupcakes and writing here, also chatting with Chantie and trying to find a new wall color for her livingroom.  It’s possible to do this even if we’re long apart. Oh the wonders of internett and it’s possibilities ;)
  • I got invited to dinner at my parents this saturday; beef and baked potatoes. How could I say no?
  • It’s not as cold outside anymore. Not – 20C like last week. A huge relief.
  • It’s only 71 days until I’m gonna see Chantie again. W00t!
  • I bought some scrapping things online yesterday. It was on sale! I can’t wait to get it. It was mostly rubber stamps with a birthday-theme. It’s much needed for the birthday-cards I’m making.
  • I’m kicking Chanties ass when it comes to Cafe World (facebook game). muwhahaha.

I ♥ (photographing) food

When I looked at the weather-cast for this weekend I saw there would be cloudy and no sun at all. I found out there were no use to go out and photograph. I want / need sunlight in my photographs.

I had to stop by the grocerystore on my way home from the photo-fair yesterday which was great. Then I decided to buy some food I could photograph. Yes, I buy food just to photograph them. Call me weird.

I try to buy things I like and can eat. But sometimes I buy food cos it looks cool and/or I know it will be a good subject to photograph.

Yesterday I bought some quite expensive raspberries, a red apple and a lemon. The raspberries I ate today. Man they were lovely. So lovely that I ate all at once!

The apple I’ll bring for work tomorrow. It looks yummy and I’m hoping it will taste as good as it looks.

The lemon I’ve already tossed. No need for it.

While taking these pics and editing them I’ve listened to John Mayer’s last album Battle Studies. What a great album. I came across one of his latest song on the TV a little while ago. I then heard some songs on youtube. It’s not until today I’ve managed to download it. Seeing John Mayer on Skavlan (talkshow) on friday made me think of him again. I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening to this album a lot in the near future!

Now I’m concidering eating another cupcake. You see, sundays are not only a perfect day to photograph food. It’s also a perfect day to bake. I made cupcakes. Already eaten too many ;)

Once upon a time…

04.11.2001 was the first time I blogged. Back then, I’m not sure if the word blog was word. I know I didn’t know about it at least. What I did was write in my diary.

It’s not a coincidence that I started to blog, because I love to write, but it’s a coincidense that I ended where I ended – at diaryland.com. I remember I was in this newsgroup about Andy Kaufmann (dead comic guy) because I’d just seen the movie Man on the Moon, which was about him. And one girl posting things in this newsgroup had a signature with a link to her diary at diaryland.com. Her username was flink. It’s strange how I still remember.

After reading her diary, I decided to make my own. I’ve kept several written diary in my life so keeping one wasn’t new to me. Being able to write so much more in less time and a chance for others to read, made me sign up.

For five years I wrote in that diary about my personal life. I wrote over 700 entires. That’s a lot. A big part of my life is written down and I find that quite cool.

I quit blogging because I got fed up by writing about my life. At some point it just got too much. My life was kind of boring too, so I didn’t have that much to write about either. And I have to admit, Diaryland is far from the best place to blog. It’s one of the worst actually. Logging into Diaryland now is a nightmare. You see how much it really sucks. I see that a help-request I sent over four years ago, still not has been replied. That made me laugh, becuase it’s so stupid!

But apart from sucking majorly, it was a great place to start blogging and I loved it very dearly one time. And it has given me something very special!

I found one of my best friends at Diaryland. Or was it her that found me? I’m not sure. Let’s say we found each other. It’s quite amazing that in this internet-jungle, you can find someone who ends up being a longlife friend. I would acutally go as a far as saying a soulmate <3

It’s five years since I left Diaryland. So why am I writing about this now? Why did I devote a blog entry about this? Well, because I have another friend, located in the States, who still are blogging on Diaryland. And yesterday I saw in her latest update that she wanted a new layout and needed help. I immideately said I would do it, because I love to design layouts.

Yesterday I started on the new design and I used my old blog to test out the design. And as I was going to bed, all these thoughts popped up in my mind. I actually had to write them down on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget them.

Here they are, the thoughts about the past… and the next post will probably be about something more related to the future.

Now I’m off for some food and TV. The brain needs to rest.


This weekend I’m going to a photofair with Ellen. It’s a combined photo and travel fair and it suits us perfectly since she’s working in the travel-business and I’m photo-holic.

We decided to go weeks ago. I was pretty excited when I knew that Morten Krogvold was coming. He is one of my fave Norwegian photograhper. We didn’t know then which day he would come. But we hoped for saturday since we planned to go that day. I was pretty bummed out when I read the whole programme tuesday. He’s coming on friday! Gah! Just my luck…. I had so looked forward to hear him speak. If Ellen and I had had the opportunety to take friday off and go that they, we would. But it’s impossible.

I remember once, I think it was last year, that I saw Mr. Krogvold downtown. I so wanted to stop him and tell him how much I loved his work. But I didn’t. I chickened out. I regret I didn’t do it. Now I play with the thoughts of mailing him how much I love his work. But… it sounds a bit silly. I probably never do it…

Tuesday night when I was thinking about mailing him, I thought popped up in my mind. What if he saw my flickr account? What if he commented on it? A part of me would’ve loved if he went through it and told me  what he thinks. But a part of me is a bit reserved about the idea, because he might just tell me he thinks it’s crap. And I would be pretty bummed out if he did. So maybe better to not have him check out my photos? I dunno. Well, it’s nothing to dwell about really, cos what’s the chance he will? Close to zero I guess.

Even without Mr. Krogvolds presense at the photo fair, I’m sure it will be fun to be there. There will be a lot of photo-equipment companies there. Hopefully they will have a few good deals. Maybe someone can tell me what kind of macro lense I oughta buy? And I saw that Epson was going to be there. Maybe they have a good deal on a photoprinter? I can hope!

There will also be some exhibitions and I’m looking forward to see some great photographes!

The entrence is 150 nok, but Ellen tipped me about something good. You could enter a travel-contest and then get 50% off the entrence ticket. I did that last night; answered three fairly easy questions and submitted them. Then I got a email in return which I had to print in order to get the 50%off.

After the fair Ellen and I decided to eat pizza. There is this pizza-place, Dolly Dimpel, close to the train/bus station. They have great pizza. Looking forward to that.

Brithdaycards vol. I

I’m making a set with ten birhtday cards for someone. I’m not gonna tell who, even though I’m pretty sure that person isn’t reading this blog.

I started on saturday, did some yesterday and finished two cards today.  Some of my lovely new pattern paper have been used. And finally I got to use some of those ladybugs I bought months ago. They are so utterly cute!

Up: outside. Down: inside.

Up: outside. Down: inside.

So what do you think?

That paper-pattern inside the last card is so pretty and I thought I might wanna use that pattern later. Then a clever little idea popped into my mind; lets make a sample of it. So I found a paper and and draw around the lines. Now I just have to cut it out and store it some place safe.

Seeing these cards and other cards I’ve made, tells me I got a certain way to make my card. I have my own style. I’m not filling my cards with lots of different papers, flowers, brads, ribbons, rubber stamps etc. like I see others do. I keep it quite simple.

One reason for that is because I do simple best. I don’t know how to “do” cards that are not simple. I can not visualize them in my head and I would have a hard time trying.

So I do what I can best. I make it simple.

Winter walk

It has been cold this weekend. As predicted. I guess it’s been like between – 15 to – 20 all weekend. Brrrr.

On friday I was a bit afraid wouldn’t be able to go on a photowalk this weekend. I wasn’t feeling well and left work early. I had an upset belly that had kept me awake a lot thursday night. I’m not gonna say anymore spesific about that, because it’s eeeww!

Yesterday I just rested inside, baked bread and went to Ellen for pizza and some rummy-play in the evening. I was too lazy to go out and take pics.

Today I made it. Ah! Good times. Didn’t think I would be out for long, since it was a bit cold, but when I headed home I realised I had been out walking for two hours! Im pretty sure I walked the 10.000 steps you’re supposed to walk every day.

While heading home I had this feeling that I didn’t have that many great shots. I tried to count  places I had been where I knew I had taken a cool shot. I could only come up with a few.

When I later looked through my 227 photos taken today, I was quite happy. 227 photos sounds so much. But it really isn’t. I usually take lots of photos of the same subject just to be sure I will have one decent one. So there isn’t 227 different motifs. There is more like 30.

Apart from taking pictures of bikes, buildings, flowers, landscaps etc, I do like abstract photos; photos with interesting patterns, lines and such. I took a few of those today too.

Here are some of todays shots:

Who doesn’t like fence bokeh with gorgous sunlight?

That light! I smiled brightly when I saw this brick wall and the sun hitting it so beautifully. I went “yes, there I have a super shot”! heh.

And here are some abstact beauty.

As the last shot, you’ll get some tiny red berries.

I will put more of my photos up at flickr. Some maybe today already, but the rest will come sometimes this week. I guess I’ll post one or two each day. I might even process some more shots as well. I haven’t finsihed going through todays photos. I just got a little fed up and wanted to do something else too.

That something else, is to make some birthday cards I’m giving away as a birthday present. If I’ll get some cards ready, I’ll upload them later here.

No more posts.