Christmas preparations

The Christmas preparations has started. Yesterday I organized my Christmas holiday with my boss. I had asked for some days off. It didn’t go acording to my plan, but I’m not complaining. I still win. I’m not working from the 24th until the 4nd of January. Holy mother of God. That’s a loooong vacation.I wonder what I’ll do all those days I’m off.

I got three vacation-days left which I will spend between the 24th and New Years Eve.  That means I have four hours on Christmas Eve and four hours on New Years Eve I have to work in. I’ve started on that this week. Yesterday I worked half an hour overtime and today I worked one hour. I’ll be working an hour extra tomorrow and on thursday too I think.

Today, after I came home and had made dinner I sat down and watched one of my favourite Christmas moves; Home Alone. It’s such a sweet and fun movie. I never grow tired of that one and watch it every December.

It reminds me of movie I saw last December. A Christmas movie that too. It was the Polarexpress. That is such a great Christmas movie and I would love to have that on DVD. I should put it on my wishlist!

On thursday I’m going to the movies with my friend Linda and her brother. We’re gonna see A Christmas Carol (with Jim Carrey). I’m looking forward to that one. I wanted to see that only by looking at the movie-poster! That has to mean something. We’ll be meeting outside the cinema at 18.30. The movie starts at 19.00. that means there is time to get the tickets and buy some chocolate. Nom, nom, nom.

Sometimes things pop into your mind at the strangest time. Early today, when I was brushing my teeth, I suddenly realised that there one friend I haven’t started to think about what to give for Christmas. I’m a bit ashamed to say it, but I had forgotten about it! Yikes. Well… no harm done. I’ve done some thinking today and I have some ideas of what to buy. But to be on the safe side, I emailed her and asked for a wishlist. I know what the perfect gift would be, but it’s too late for that now. I would’ve needed a bit more time to make it / order it.

I have two uncles. At least one of them are getting a calendar for Christmas. With my pictures in it. I might make one for my other uncle too, but I’m not sure if I have the right pictures for it. I’m going home on saturday, so maybe I’ll get the chance to take some pictures at home on sunday.

On sunday, if the weather is good and everything goes as planned, I’ll be going to our own forrest, with my parents, to look for this years Christmas tree. That will be fun! The last years we’ve bought the tree, but this year we’re gonna try find one. It’s going to be hard, cos it’s not that many good trees around. Hopefully we’ll find a good one. And if not, we can always buy one.

Mmmmmmilk :)

I love milk. So when thinking about something to shoot for the Christmas Challange 09 over at flickr, I came to think of the milk cartons which has Christmas drawings on it.

Every Decemeber the milk cartons changes. They all get Christmas inspired. I love it.  You know Christmas is around the corner when they come.

I think milk is the best thing to drink in the entire world!



It’s less than two weeks since I came with a door-project update. It all looked so promising. I was motivated and hadn’t planned to stop yet. Now things are different….

I have to admit I’m a bit fed up with this project. It takes time and energy. And it made me not take pictures of other things. All my concentration has been aimed at the doors. It has been my first priority. My second too it seems.  Since I’ve started and up to now, I’ve taken less and less other photos. I don’t like that. I miss taking other shots.

One of the reasons for this is that only use my 18-125 mm lense when I shoot doors. I need the wide angle lense. The 50 mm lense won’t be practical to use.  So when I always have the wide angle lense with me I can’t take those natur close ups I did with the 50 mm lense. It’s too much to bring both every day.

I feel like the air is going out of the balloon – little by little. If I don’t repair the balloon, it will be flat very soon. The thing is, I don’t know how to repair it. And frankly, I don’t know if I really want to repair it.

How do I make this a fun project again? I have no idea. Searching for doors in the dark while it’s either snowing or raining isn’t very fun.

Parting with this project; deep down I don’t want to do it either. I want to continue to find new doors. I want to have 365 doors. It will be strange to quit. Something that’s been a part of me for soon 6 months… it will be weird to not have that to concentrate on.

But on the other hand, it will be good to be able to breath again. It will be good to not have my hands tied up to my camera and the doors each day.

No matter what I decide to do, I’m not gonna quit yet. I still need my 183 doors. It’s 9 doors left. I am going to make that, no matter how much the air is out of me.

And I also would like to reach 200 door. Looks better than 183…

Maybe, maybe not.


I went to see my friend Bjørg this weekend. I came on friday evening and left today. Yesterday we baked. First we made gingernuts. Then we decided to make gingerbreads as well, since Bjørg had bought 2 kg of gingerbread pastry at IKEA.

We only baked half of the pastry. That was enough. Bjørg had bought some heart-shaped thingies to cut out the cakes with earlier, so we used them.

I made two big hearts for myself. I wanted to decorate them and use them as decorations. So after I came home, I hang them up in the kitchen.

So this is one of the gingerbread hearts that hang in the kitchen window.

It says ‘god jul’ which means ‘Merry Christmas’ in English.

Twentyfour reasons I love Christmas

Twentyfour reasons I love Christmas:

  1. Clementines. It reminds me of Christmas and they are so yummy! One of my fave fruits.
  2. Making Christmas-cards. It’s a whole lot of fun! This year I’ve made many. 10 for Linda, 10 for Cisca, 20 for mum and so far 8 for myself.
  3. Getting Christmas-cards in the mail. Real cards to hang up on your fridge. Way better than all the bills that dumps into my mailbox.
  4. Buying gifts to your loved ones. Esp. when you find that special thing you know the other person will love.
  5. Watching while your loved ones wrap up the present you’ve got them and see the bright smile when they got something they want.
  6. Wrapping presents and put on gift-tags. I love wrapping Christmas gifts.
  7. Watching Donald Duck & Co’s Christmas on tv. Cartoons are fun.
  8. Christmas stockings full of candy. Nom, nom, nom.
  9. Have a lot of people around the Christmas table. We always have guests on Christmas Eve. I have two uncles that comes (not married). My sister, who got married last year, is only celebrating with us every two  year. This year her, her husband Geir and my nephew Emil will be here. Emil’s first Christmas will be celebrated with his favorite aunt ;)
  10. Going to church on Christmas Eve and hear the children’s choir sing. I’m not a Christian, but I’ve always been in church on Christmas Eve. I love to hear the Children’s Choir, say hi to friends and put up lights at the graves (on the graveyard)
  11. Watching Home Alone; one of my favorite Christmas movies. I was so desperate to see it some years back. I went to a lot of video-stores, but I couldn’t find it for rent. So I ended up buying it at I see it every year, some time in December.
  12. Baking Christmas cookies. I love to bake. The last years, I’ve been the one to bake the serina-cakes. For the last two years, I’ve been the one to bake some cookies called Berlinerkranser. Dad loves them and so do my friend Linda.This year I’ve already baked a batch for Linda and Dad.
  13. Eat mums delish donuts. They are the worlds best! I can easily stuff myself with her donuts. I’m always up early on Christmas Eve and her donuts are the first thing I eat.
  14. Decorating the Christmas tree at the 23rd. I  love decorating trees.
  15. Listening to dad tell the story about where and when he bought the Christmas-tree lights. He tells the same story every year about how he bought it from this guy in 1970. It still works, almost 40 years later! That’s quality.
  16. Going to bed on the 23rd knowing you’ll have a whole lot of fun on Christmas Eve.
  17. The joy of finding a Christmas tree. For years we went into our own forrest to find a tree. The last years we’ve bought a tree. This year we might go to our own forrest again to find one. And I’m going to help out find one. It’s not easy to find a good one. I remember when I was 14 and my sister 18. Dad was sick and we had to go look for trees. We had to find tree; one for our grandmother, one for dads aunt and one for our self! Years later dad confessed the tree we found hadn’t been the best. :p
  18. Eat a lot of yummy food. There is always lots of good food to eat during Christmas. I allow myself to eat more than I normally do. On Christmas Eve I always eat so much that I have a hard time getting the desert down.
  19. Wake up the 25th and eat breakfast in your dressing-gown. Here at my parents house I wear my grandfathers old dressing gown. I think my dad inherited it when my grandfather died. Dad never use a gown, but I do. So I use it every time I’m home.
  20. Look over your presents the 25th. Use / try out your new stuff.
  21. Play MasterMind with dad. We have done that almost every Christmas since I was little. It hasn’t change even though I’m 31. MasterMind is a a real mind game. I remember once, long time ago, that I couldn’t crack the code my dad had set up so I had to sleep on it and continue the day after. There were no way I would give up!
  22. Listening to Christmas songs. I really like Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea along with a lot of other songs. On the 23rd, we always play Snart kommer änglarna at landa by Ulf Lundell. (Soon will the angles come). I love, love, love that song.
  23. Going down in my parents basement and find the boxes with Christmas decoration. And then unpack and look at all the beautiful decorations. We decorate the house and the tree the 23rd.
  24. Have days away from work.

Birthday cards as presents

I’ve decided to make some birthday cards and give away as Christmas presents. I have two friends that are getting five cards each. In lack of ideas of what to buy them, I thought this might be a good idea. Brithday cards is something you always will need and it’s good to have some in store.

So yesterday and today I’ve made some cards. Today I even went down to Steffens to buy some new pattern paper. I needed to go there and buy a Christmas gift anyway, so why not buy some paper too?

I’ve managed to make eight cards in two days. Not bad. The two friends who are getting them, is not online that much and they surly doesn’t read this blog, so I’m safe when I post them.

The three last ones I made today with the new pattern paper. I’m really satisfied with them.  I don’t really wanna part with them, haha. But I have to. It will make nice gifts.

I have two more cards to make, which will be made sometime this week I think.

No more posts.