Photos from a sunday

I had a little photo walk today. Earlier today I had to go to the grocerystore to buy a few things for the dinner with Ellen. And I needed soap for my dishwasher.  The dishwasher was full and I had no soap!

I brought my camera, because I had to find todays door. I knew where to go.  There is a school nearby that has a few doors that can be shot. I saw them months ago, but I never got around to shoot them. They were so close so I decided to wait with them. Then I totally forgot about them.  Today I came to think about them again.

After I’d shot the door, I walked around a bit trying to find other things to shot. The weather was nice; a bit sunny, some clouds and not so cold.  It was a good weather to shoot in.

My battery died too soon. Not long after I had started actually. But I managed to get a few good shots.

I also found another bike. I love to shoot bikes. There is just something about them. Don’t know exactly what it is though. Anyway, I love them.

Looking at these pictures, I can’t wait to have more time to shot other things than doors! I now know what I’ll be doing during the Christmas holiday. I won’t have two hands, I’ll have a left hand but a right camera! haha.

And when I don’t take picture I will sit in front of the computer editing pictures in PhotoScape with lots of cool music on shuffle, just like I have now.  Shuffle is underrated!

Oh. One other thing I should do while having Christmas holiday is to work on my door-book. I’m waaaaay behind on that. Don’t even want to think about it actually. That’s how bad it is. I have no idea how far behind I am.  I have to look into that in the near future.

Now…. it’s time to go to bed!

I ♥ baking

I love to bake. But you all knew that already didn’t you? Today I’ve had a baking-evening with Ellen. We were going to bake Christmas-cookies. I don’t like that many Christmas cakes. The only two I like I don’t know how to make. These, which is called Serina cakes, I made for mum. She has enough to bake already so I thought it was nice to bake some for her. I always bake these before Christmas.

The recipie:

150 gram butter
1 1/3 deciliter of sugar
1 egg
4 deciliter flour
1 tea spoon vanila sugar
1 tea spoon baking powder

Stirr the butter and sugar until it’s “white”. Add the egg. Mix the dry ingredients and add it to the dough.

Make round little balls. Place them on a plate. Push them down with a fork. Brush the top of the cookies with albumen and sprinkle sugar (pearl sugar) and chopped up almonds on top.

In the oven for 10 – 20 minutes (depends on the size of the cookies) at 190 degrees celcius.

Ellen baked some cookies I don’t remember the name of. It is traditional Christmas cookies. We had a lot of fun baking. I was ready way before her, since I had made the pastry days before, so I helped out Ellen with her cookies.

After baking for a few hours, we made dinner – pasta. Yum! It was delish. We watched Nanny 911 and half of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  I had chocolate for dessert after Ellen left. When I think about it, I’m still eating chocolate.

Photo in mosaic

One of my pictures are featured on frau heuberg’s blog. It’s picture number 12 in the mosaic, the one I called ‘dear Santa’.

I never really get my pictures published, weather it’s online or elsewhere. It has happened a few times, I can count it on one hand. So when I reccived a flickr mail from Frau Heuberg, saying they had used one of my pics, I got happy :)

Walks & photos

Sunday was really nice! I was at Lierfoss at my parents house. The sun was shining and I smiled waking up seeing some blue sky. After breakfast dad and I, we wrapped us in warm clothes and headed for the forrest, our very own. We were going to find a tree to put out on the terrace.

We walked for about five and then we found a tree. None of us expected it to turn up so fast. We’ve been out looking for Christmas trees before and it’s never been this easy. But we didn’t stop walking. Dad wanted to show me this hight, were I could take pictures from. From up there we would be able to see a part of my tiny hometown.

On our way down we walked by an old ski-jump where I used to play when I was a kid. Dad too. I rarly jumped, cos I was afraid of that. But I drove down the landingslope. Sometimes I used my skies, but sometimes used one of my sledges.

Dad told stories from his childhood, which I listened to with big enthusiasm. It was fun listening to him.

After I had helped dad put up the tree on the terrace, I went out on my phototrip. First by car and then by foot. I needed pictures for one (and maybe two) calendars.

I took a lot of pictures. I wish I had started on the photowalk a bit soon than I did, because at 14.07 the sun was gone behind the hill. It was still bright outside, but you didn’t have the sunlight.

It was just great to be outside while the sun shone and take pictures of other things than just doors! I felt good. When I took the picture of the shadow of me (botton, right) I saw throgh the viewfinder that it would be a smashing picture and I felt so genuinly happy. I remember saying out loud: I love to take pictures! ;)

Now I have to sit down and figure out what picture to include in the calendar for my uncle Einar. And I have to figure out if I have enough pictures for a calendar to my other uncle, Bjarne too. it will be difficult, but it has to be done.

Wish me good luck!


Oslo went crazy yesterday and this morning. Barack Obama came yesterday to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. This was a big deal for a lot of people and people made a lot of fuzz about it.  The President of the United States of America was coming. Pretty huge!

I kept myself away from the city center yesterday. I was occupied with other things; movie with two friends, we saw A Christmas Carol which was great!

But I still  managed to get a piece of the Obama-cake. He was going to drive past our office, on his way to the hotel downtown. When I headed for work and was close to the office I saw lots of policemen and half closed streets. The security was high priority.

We could, the support department at the office, follow the madness outside from the office windows. I could turn my head to the left and then I saw everything that was going on outside. A bunch of people had taken stand at the nearby gas station to get a glimpse of the cars.

Around 09.15 he and his entourage came down the highway, left it and drove by our office. It was insanely many cars. Around 30 maybe? And it was impossible to see which one he sat in, because they were all black looked a like.

And today we watched him leave.

I guess he is in on of the two last cars above. They look exactly the same so nobody would know where he is.

That truck, it reminds me of those trucks you see in American movies. You kind of expect the back doors to open and that a whole SWAT team to reveal!

The helicopter flew around both days. Today it flew so low that I would not have been surprised if the landed on the rooftop of our building. We could just hear it and then suddenly we see it closely; close enough to see the men with machine guns, ready to take down anything that it threatening Obama. It felt much like an american war-movie!

Everything was over in a short time and it was time to go back to business as usual.

I have to say, and I might seem very starstruck now, but I think it’s pretty cool to have seen Obama’s cars and the whole entourage. I have been closer to Obama than I thought I ever would be! It is mighty cool!

After all, he is the President of the United States of America. He’s not just somebody.

That said, I would rather spend one minute with Springsteen than one hour with Obama. ;)

Dear Santa

I know I’ve been fairly good / nice this year and I hope you have seen that too. So here is my wishes for this Christmas. I know it’s long, and I don’t expect to get everything I want.  But I thought it would be nice to have lots to choose between ;)

  • Canon Photoprinter
  • Macro lense
  • Books by Håkan Nesser
  • Scrapbooking things like rubber stamps, pattern paper, die cuts etc.
  • Pens from Promarker
  • Dressing gown
  • shower curtain in a light color
  • the Killers CD+DVD. Live from Royal Albert Hall
  • long sleeves in different colors (black, white, seablue)
  • socks
  • Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales by Clarence Clemons
  • lamp for my bedroom (roof-lamp)
  • PC speakers
  • thin scarfs in various colors.
  • rings
  • Perfume: Poison by Dior
  • DVDS: Man on the Moon, Philadelphia, the Polar Express

That’s about it. Oh I forgot one thing. I really, really, really  want snow on Christmas Eve!

Holiday greetings,

Kjersti :+)

Alkmaar, here I come again :)

It’s no secret I visit Chantie and Alkmaar often. So far this year, I’ve seen her twice! I wish it was more. Chantie is a great friend and I would’ve loved to have her in a ‘come-over-for-dinner-tonight-distance’.  Sadly we live over 950 km apart (straight line distance). That means we have to travel a lot to see each other. Well, I don’t mind travelling, so that’s ok.

We’ve been talking / draming about seeing each other soon again.  For a long time it was only talk. Chantie wasn’t even sure she would afford having me over. Chantie naturally spend more money than she normally would when I’m there. We go out eating, we shop, we go to Amsterdam etc etc.

At one point she told me we might just stop dreaming about a near visit. I refused that and told her I didn’t need to spend money to have fun with her. So I came up with some ideas of what we could do without spending money.  Like:

  • stay inside and watch Oprah on DVD all day while eating candy.
  • Play lots of Rummy. Oh how we love that game!
  • Buy alcohol, drink at home and then go out dancing.
  • Watch movies on DVD.
  • visit a museum.
  • go around town photographing buildings, bikes, boats and other different things.
  • have photosessions with my camera (taking pics of each other and both together)
  • help Chantie with her e-baying

Things doesn’t have to cost much in order to have fun. Fun is what we create.

Not many days later, I get an e-mail from KLM saying they’re having a 5 days sale with low prices to some destinations in Europe. Amsterdam was one of them! How convenient!

After some talking, we decided that I couldn’t let this sale go by wihtout me buying a ticket. After talking to one of the leaders at my office (my boss was away that day) to get a day off, I ordered tickets for next Easter! I’ll be going the 31st of March and go home on the 6th of April. Almost a week! And I only paid 1032 NOK for the ticket. Sweet!

Good lord, I can’t wait to see her again! 112 days left!

We have also been talking about PinkPop (the festival south in Holland), but that is faaaar from a reality. We know Pink, Rammstein and John Mayer is coming. We both would love to see Pink. And Chantie wants to see Rammstein and I want to see John Mayer.

If we go, it depends on a lot of things. Do we have money? Is there enough interesting artists coming? Do we get the days off?

We have lots of time to decide if we’re gonna go or not. I’m not putting all my money on it – that we are going. If it happens, it will be fun. But if it doesn’t happen, I’ll live.

I got to see my baby at least once anyway :)

No more posts.