2009: a review

The year is at its ending and I thought it was a good idea to look back at the 365 day of 2009. So I’ve made a list. It’s all just random things about 2009.  My memory isn’t the best, I have a memory of a goldfish (2 sec), but I’ve tried my best to remember. This is what I’ve come up with  :)

Best music happening: Pinkpop in Landgraaf, Netherlands. Awesome festival.

Best moive seen: I’ve seen so many great movies this year, it’s impossible to pick one. So I’ll pick a few: Gran Torino, Public Enemy and Slumdog Millionair. Oh! I have to mention Milk too! Awesome.

Worst movie seen: I actually can’t think of any really bad movies. The one I liked the least, but still was ok, was Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky.

Best music discovery: the Gaslight Anthem. They are great. I read about them after visiting Pinkpop and knew from an interview with Springsteen that Springteen had them on his Ipod. So… I had to check them out and they were great. the 59 Sound is a great CD and High Lonesome is a super song.

Uhm. Can I say two things? Yes I can, it’s my list. Joy Division! I saw the movie Control about Ian Curtis from Joy Division, which was awesome and the music is great too.

Higest amount of money won: 50 NOK.

Great buy: the green Bjørn Borg shoes I bought in April and plain ticket to see Chantie.

Bad buy: This fall I bought an umbrella. When I came home it was a hole in it. Next day I went to get a new one. The new one lasted four rainy days before it broke.

Best moment: When I visited my sister at the hospital after she’d given birth to a baby boy named Emil <3 <3 <3

Sad moment: When I called my dad from the office and he told me that our cat, Pondus, had died. Oh how I cried when I got home from the office. *sniff*

Happy moment: when I got my tax-papers back and it said that I’m getting a refund on a little over 3000 NOK!

Best concert: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band opening concert at Pinkpop! We (Chantie and me) were close to the stage and it was awesome!

Biggest surprise: I can only think of a music-surprise. I saw All American Rejects at Pinkpop and they surprised me big time, in a positiv way. They were energic, a bit crazy and very cool!

Biggest disappointment: When I found out that the Killers had been playing in Oslo without me being there. I found out three days too late! Gah, I was bummed! Other than that, I can’t think of anything.

Best book read: Panserhjerte (Armored Heart) by Jo Nesbø. Norwegian writer. He is awesome and his latest book about Harry Hole was awesome!

Biggest achivement: I have three and all of them is equally big.

  1. When I had my yearly talk with my boss and I got great reviews.
  2. My photo-projec 365-doors (take a picture of a door every day for 365 days): I’m now heading for 200 doors . The goal is 365, but I doubt I’ll make that. Even if I don’t, 200 doors is awesome!
  3. Held a speech at Linda’s birthday. She turned 30. I don’t like to speech in front of many people. I’m extremely nervous! The speech was ready half an hour before I left. An aquaintance told me it was the best personal  speech he had heard. Linda was also very happy.

Great food-moment: the spring rolls I ate at the Pinkpop festival. I get hungry just by thinking of them, haha. They were insanly good. Nom, nom, nom.

Biggest “WTF?”: That morning when I read that Michael Jackson was dead.

Weirdest dream: I dreamt once that mum had a lover. Dad killed him and I find the guy under a manhoe cover. Later dad tried to kill mum in a bathtub. I find her in the tub and get her out of the water. Then I need to tell her that her lover is dead. Thank god my dreamd never come true!

Memorable trip: My first festival with a tent. It was a crazy cool trip to Pinkpop in Landgraaf  (Holland). Me and Chantie, we had so much fun and saw a lot of cool acts like Springsteen, the Killers, Maria Mena, Katy Perry, Amy MacDonald etc.

Crasy memory: The Madonna concert I went to. It was raining SO MUCH.  There were also thunder and lightning! At the venue it was 5 cm with water all over the ground. I was so wet and cold when I came home. But it was a good concert :)

Best flickr-moment: When my flickr friend Anne let me promote five of my pictures in her brand new studio in April!

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