Shopping & more

I went shopping with Linda today. She is a great shopping-buddy. We are a like a lot and likes the same stores, so it’s easy to go shopping with her.

Today I finally found myself a leather jacket. And without looking for it. I’ve been looking all fall for a leather jacket. Well not all, but I’ve been looking for a long time without finding any. They have either been ugly or two small. I just stumbled upon this while looking at Risøe; a clothing store I never really go into. I’m glad I did today.

Chantie wanted to see pics of the jacket so I had to set up a little photoshoot in the bathroom. haha. I placed the camera on top of the counter and put on the 15 sec timer. I took a few shots. And since Samson was half sleeping in the sink, I decided to include him in a shot or two. He didn’t really want to, but I forced him. haha.

I bought quite a few things on our shopping spree. The jacket was the biggest item. On H&M I bought a wine-red skirt with flower prints and a black tights. I also bought a baking tin with a lid and a handles on it. Super to carry around cake in it. What more? A candle holder, tea-lights in red and purple, some Christmas Ornaments (thre tiny angels in glass) and some scrapbook things.

The best thing? Everything was on sale! Woho. I love sale. Love, love, love it!

I’m gonna go look for some more things on sale this weekend maybe. Depends on how the weekend turns out. Not sure how long Lisbeth is staying. She’s coming on thursday for New Years Eve and it’s not decided how long she’ll be staying.

About New Years Eve. I’m sitting here with a list in front of me. A list of things I need to do tomorrow. Things to buy and fix. I need to clean the apartment! The grocerylist is getting bigger and bigger. And tonight I found out I need some glasses of some sort I can serve icecream and berries in. I will have to go downtown Oslo to look for that tomorrow.

I also need to unpack all my stuff that I’m bringing from Lierfoss. All my clothes, the Christmas gifts and the new stuff I bought today. By the way, I got a quite some nice Christmas gifts; a purple dressing gown, the whole Beck-serie (24 films), two books, Christmas ornaments, a black vase, gift certificate on H&M, a frying pan (much needed) and a scarf . And probably some more things that I’ve already forgotten.

I fear that tomorrow will be a bit stressfull. I hope not!

*breath in, breath out*

2 responses to Shopping & more

  1. Cisca

    sampson! , you have a bella bleu just like mine!! My terrorist looks exactly the same! :-) cool jacket btw

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