Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s past midnight and everybody has gone to bed but me. I should be going to bed myself, but I wanted to blog  a bit before I close my eyes.

The Christmas holiday is finally here.  Everybody is home for Christmas; me, my sister, her husband and my nephew.  And Samson (the cat) is around. It’s happy times. The tree is decorated. In fact, the whole house is decorated. Every little santa or angel is carefully put on its place. We try to put the ornaments at the same plasce as last year, but if we don’t remember, we just find a new place.

Tomorrow, or today actually since it’s past midnight, is the ‘big day’. I’m really looking forward to it. Things will be a bit different this year since Emil is here. But that’s ok. We will still do the same things, it will just be at different times. We will open some of Emil’s presents before he’s gone to bed. It will be around 15.00. the plan is to have the Christmas dinner after Emil is put to bed, so I guess it will be around 19.00, 19.30. After dinner and desert we will open our presents.

This year I might not go to church which is a bit sad. I’m not a Christian, but I like to go to church at Christmas Eve; just to see people you know and sing traditional Christmas songs. Linda is working, and she used to be my partner in crime. Dad said he could go, but if we’re gonna open presents around that time, we won’t be able to go to curch as well.  Oh… I’ll live.

I’m getting sleepier and sleepier. My face is a constant yawn. I think someone is telling me it’s time for bed. I better listen!

Merry Christmas reader(s)! ;)

Oh ps. I’m concidering changing the layout on this blog again… ahem… I know. But I have some ideas of what to do. Not sure if they will work though. I have to check if I can find a layout that appeals to me. It’s not many, let me tell you. *sigh*


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