Give away & get together

Today, after I left work, I went downtown to see my friend Sissel to exchange gifts. We met at her office, I had to come in because she wasn’t finished with what she was doing.  After a little while, we left the office and went to eat at Kjøkken & Bar. They have great food there and a good atmosphere. Only downside today was that it took long to get the menu and the drinks we ordered. I ate some beef and lovely creamy potatoes. Sissel ate cod which looked very yummy.

We sat there for one hour and a half or so chatting about this and that while eating. Sissel had some dessert, I passed. I was still full from the dinner.

We exchanged gifts and admired each othres christmas card which both were handmade of course.

When I came home I wrapped some gifts. Everyone, but three, is wrapped one. One needs to be finished (Emil’s Christmas stocking) and the two others I’m not going to wrap until I’ve shown it to my parents. It’s the two calendars I made. I thought my parents would like to see the one they are giving to my uncle before I wrap it.

I need some gift tags on all gifts. I have to make them tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll have time tonight. I got other things to do, like hang up some laundry (yay… ahem…) and maybe start to think of what clothes to bring home for the Christmas holiday.

I’ve planned New Years today. I managed to do that in between of my working. Lisbeth emailed me and asked what we were going to do, because she thought we had talked about spending it together. And she was right, we had. I quickly emailed Ellen to lay out Lisbeth’s and my ideas.

What is going to happen is that we’re spending New Year at my place. Ellen is bringing some firework-thingies, her good mood and some alcohol! Three great things. Lisbeth said she could bring a roast (moose) she had in the freezer.

So, what am I bringing to the table? I was thinking I should make some starters for us. I got some cool ideas, but not sure if they will work. I was thinking some white bread, smoked salmon with eggs and leek onion. The eggs a bit like a omelette, fried in the pan. But I want the shape the piece of egg into a stare or a heart. Will this work? I will have to try.

Spending New Year in Oslo will be fun. If the weather is good, we will be able to see the fireworks from my balcony. We won’t be able to fire anything ourself, since it’s forbidden. But Oslo have a few places where they shoot up fireworks from. Professi0nal people.

Guess who’s gonna be ready to get the perfect firework shot?

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