Photos from a sunday

I had a little photo walk today. Earlier today I had to go to the grocerystore to buy a few things for the dinner with Ellen. And I needed soap for my dishwasher.  The dishwasher was full and I had no soap!

I brought my camera, because I had to find todays door. I knew where to go.  There is a school nearby that has a few doors that can be shot. I saw them months ago, but I never got around to shoot them. They were so close so I decided to wait with them. Then I totally forgot about them.  Today I came to think about them again.

After I’d shot the door, I walked around a bit trying to find other things to shot. The weather was nice; a bit sunny, some clouds and not so cold.  It was a good weather to shoot in.

My battery died too soon. Not long after I had started actually. But I managed to get a few good shots.

I also found another bike. I love to shoot bikes. There is just something about them. Don’t know exactly what it is though. Anyway, I love them.

Looking at these pictures, I can’t wait to have more time to shot other things than doors! I now know what I’ll be doing during the Christmas holiday. I won’t have two hands, I’ll have a left hand but a right camera! haha.

And when I don’t take picture I will sit in front of the computer editing pictures in PhotoScape with lots of cool music on shuffle, just like I have now.  Shuffle is underrated!

Oh. One other thing I should do while having Christmas holiday is to work on my door-book. I’m waaaaay behind on that. Don’t even want to think about it actually. That’s how bad it is. I have no idea how far behind I am.  I have to look into that in the near future.

Now…. it’s time to go to bed!

3 responses to Photos from a sunday

  1. musketnuss

    Hi! I just found your blog and I totally like it. The bike photo is awesome, really beautiful.
    Don’t you hate it too when your camera battery is dead right when you need it? That happens to me all the time.
    Season’s greetings from Austria!

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thanks a lot :) Yes, dead battery is no fun! Happy holidays to you too :)

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