Oslo went crazy yesterday and this morning. Barack Obama came yesterday to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. This was a big deal for a lot of people and people made a lot of fuzz about it.  The President of the United States of America was coming. Pretty huge!

I kept myself away from the city center yesterday. I was occupied with other things; movie with two friends, we saw A Christmas Carol which was great!

But I still  managed to get a piece of the Obama-cake. He was going to drive past our office, on his way to the hotel downtown. When I headed for work and was close to the office I saw lots of policemen and half closed streets. The security was high priority.

We could, the support department at the office, follow the madness outside from the office windows. I could turn my head to the left and then I saw everything that was going on outside. A bunch of people had taken stand at the nearby gas station to get a glimpse of the cars.

Around 09.15 he and his entourage came down the highway, left it and drove by our office. It was insanely many cars. Around 30 maybe? And it was impossible to see which one he sat in, because they were all black looked a like.

And today we watched him leave.

I guess he is in on of the two last cars above. They look exactly the same so nobody would know where he is.

That truck, it reminds me of those trucks you see in American movies. You kind of expect the back doors to open and that a whole SWAT team to reveal!

The helicopter flew around both days. Today it flew so low that I would not have been surprised if the landed on the rooftop of our building. We could just hear it and then suddenly we see it closely; close enough to see the men with machine guns, ready to take down anything that it threatening Obama. It felt much like an american war-movie!

Everything was over in a short time and it was time to go back to business as usual.

I have to say, and I might seem very starstruck now, but I think it’s pretty cool to have seen Obama’s cars and the whole entourage. I have been closer to Obama than I thought I ever would be! It is mighty cool!

After all, he is the President of the United States of America. He’s not just somebody.

That said, I would rather spend one minute with Springsteen than one hour with Obama. ;)

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