Dear Santa

I know I’ve been fairly good / nice this year and I hope you have seen that too. So here is my wishes for this Christmas. I know it’s long, and I don’t expect to get everything I want.  But I thought it would be nice to have lots to choose between ;)

  • Canon Photoprinter
  • Macro lense
  • Books by Håkan Nesser
  • Scrapbooking things like rubber stamps, pattern paper, die cuts etc.
  • Pens from Promarker
  • Dressing gown
  • shower curtain in a light color
  • the Killers CD+DVD. Live from Royal Albert Hall
  • long sleeves in different colors (black, white, seablue)
  • socks
  • Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales by Clarence Clemons
  • lamp for my bedroom (roof-lamp)
  • PC speakers
  • thin scarfs in various colors.
  • rings
  • Perfume: Poison by Dior
  • DVDS: Man on the Moon, Philadelphia, the Polar Express

That’s about it. Oh I forgot one thing. I really, really, really  want snow on Christmas Eve!

Holiday greetings,

Kjersti :+)

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