Alkmaar, here I come again :)

It’s no secret I visit Chantie and Alkmaar often. So far this year, I’ve seen her twice! I wish it was more. Chantie is a great friend and I would’ve loved to have her in a ‘come-over-for-dinner-tonight-distance’.  Sadly we live over 950 km apart (straight line distance). That means we have to travel a lot to see each other. Well, I don’t mind travelling, so that’s ok.

We’ve been talking / draming about seeing each other soon again.  For a long time it was only talk. Chantie wasn’t even sure she would afford having me over. Chantie naturally spend more money than she normally would when I’m there. We go out eating, we shop, we go to Amsterdam etc etc.

At one point she told me we might just stop dreaming about a near visit. I refused that and told her I didn’t need to spend money to have fun with her. So I came up with some ideas of what we could do without spending money.  Like:

  • stay inside and watch Oprah on DVD all day while eating candy.
  • Play lots of Rummy. Oh how we love that game!
  • Buy alcohol, drink at home and then go out dancing.
  • Watch movies on DVD.
  • visit a museum.
  • go around town photographing buildings, bikes, boats and other different things.
  • have photosessions with my camera (taking pics of each other and both together)
  • help Chantie with her e-baying

Things doesn’t have to cost much in order to have fun. Fun is what we create.

Not many days later, I get an e-mail from KLM saying they’re having a 5 days sale with low prices to some destinations in Europe. Amsterdam was one of them! How convenient!

After some talking, we decided that I couldn’t let this sale go by wihtout me buying a ticket. After talking to one of the leaders at my office (my boss was away that day) to get a day off, I ordered tickets for next Easter! I’ll be going the 31st of March and go home on the 6th of April. Almost a week! And I only paid 1032 NOK for the ticket. Sweet!

Good lord, I can’t wait to see her again! 112 days left!

We have also been talking about PinkPop (the festival south in Holland), but that is faaaar from a reality. We know Pink, Rammstein and John Mayer is coming. We both would love to see Pink. And Chantie wants to see Rammstein and I want to see John Mayer.

If we go, it depends on a lot of things. Do we have money? Is there enough interesting artists coming? Do we get the days off?

We have lots of time to decide if we’re gonna go or not. I’m not putting all my money on it – that we are going. If it happens, it will be fun. But if it doesn’t happen, I’ll live.

I got to see my baby at least once anyway :)

One response to Alkmaar, here I come again :)

  1. omg i didn’t know it was only 112 days away!!! :D:D:D:D awesome!! about pinkpop… i think it doesn’t really matter which artists are coming, i would love to go either way. the only thing i won’t look forward to, is the sleeping issue i had last time and the money that it will cost. it was a very expensive weekend. getting the days off is usually not a problem for me…

    YAY YAY YAY 112 DAYS!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

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