Julie & Julia & Doors

Yesterday I went to the movies with Lisbeth, a really good friend who was visiting me this weekend. We went to see Julie & Julia – a really good movie! As if I didn’t love Meryl Streep as it was? She is great.

Ah. I’m so glad I went to see this movie. This is the movie I want to buy on DVD when it comes out. It’s a keeper for sure!

Julie, one of the main character, she felt like she hadn’t accoplised anything in a long time. Her friends was rich and sucessfull, she was living with her husband over a pizzaplace and worked in a call-center. The only time where she felt complete was when she cooked. She loved the cook  Julia Child and started to write a food blog and challanged herself to cook the 524 recipies in Child’s first cookbook in 365 days.

In the middle of her project she thinks about quiting, but her mum (with one phone call) wants her to continue. With that call and Julie’s willpower, she continues the project and finishes it in the end.

While watching the movie, I came to think of my own 365-project. I couldn’t help but thinking about it. I haven’t been very enthusiastic about it lately. It’s been more of a drag than fun!

The strange thing is that, when Julie had decided to keep on with the project, it set my will to finish my project on fire too. I was sitting there, in the theater, thinking I’m gonna do this too, I’m gonna finish it.

On my way home from the cinema, I kept thinking about my project. When I went to bed last night I was actually thinking, for the first time in a very long time, that I can pull this off. I can really do this. I set aside all the problems I’ve come up with so far and just thought that it’s acutally possible.

If this is just an post this-was-a-great-movie-feeling or something else, I’m not really sure of. But I’m gonna hold on to this ‘positiv energy’ as long as I can.

I’ve played around with the idea of reaching 183 pictures. Then I’m half way. I haven’t written it down as a goal, becasue it’s been so far away.  And because I was afraid I would fail.  150 doors was my latest goal. I’ve reached that now. Door number 154 will go up tonight.

It is time to set a new goal. And I think it’s ok to set 183 doors as my new goal. I only need 29 more doors to fulfill that goal. It has been dark evenings for some time now and I’ve managed to find a door every day. Not super duper, fantastic door or picture. But still a picture. Still a door.

I can do it! I will do it!

3 responses to Julie & Julia & Doors

  1. myluckytown – Author

    Thank you Kristin :) Yeah, you should really see that movie. It’s great!

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