I came across, now wait… it was actually my friend Linda who found it.. anyway, it was a magazine with a tip on how to use beads on a christmas cards. I immediately thought the idea they presented was a great one and thought I had to give it a try myself.

So on saturday when Linda and I went shopping, I went looking for beads. I ended up buying at Panduro. No surprise there. I bought one bag with red beads and one bag with white. And the ‘plates’ I bought was one heart-shaped one and a square one.

Yesterday I tried out the beads. It brought back memories from my childhood. I used to love these kind of beads. I remember in kindergarten. One day we had fun with these beads. I was ready to get my beads ironed, so they stick together. I remember being very satisfied with my work. On my way to the lady who had the iron, clumsy me tripped and all my beads flew up in the air and everything was distroied. haha.

You need a lot of patience with the beads, because it takes a long time to get them all into place! When the beads are on place on the plate, you need to make them stick together. For that I use an iron. You put some baking paper over the beads, so you won’t ruin the the iron. Then  iron a littel bit over it to the top of the beads until they have melted together. It doesn’t take long. Wait a few seconds to it has cooled down and take the beads of the plate.

Here is the result of the beads. Two pretty cool christmascards if I may say it myself.



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