I ♥ A-HA


Yesterday was the day of the A-HA concert with Ellen. I’m so glad I everything worked out and I was able to get a ticket, because it was a super show.

To my big surprise the warm up act before A-HA came on was Donkeyboy – a new Norwegian group who has had at least two singles playing on the radio constantly for several months. I like them and was happy to see them live. But they didn’t beat A-HA of course.


I just love Mags’ (Magne Furuholmen) synth! We were standing to the left of the stage and had a clear view to Mags. Paul was on the other side, so we didn’t see that much of him. He came over to our side once though. Morten was most at the middle, but wandered around from time to time.

I wouldn’t have expected it, but Mags was the one who talked the most. I think that was a good thing, because Morten has a tendency to get lost in his own words. And something that can take a few seconds to say, often takes a few minutes. heh.

I haven’t had time to listen to the new album that much. I’ve sort of forgotten about it. So there was a few new songs I didn’t remember. They weren’t bad, not at all. Foot of the mountain is a new and really good song.  But I like the old hits the most.

The stage was great. I loved the visual part of the concert. They had big screems behind them and everything matched with the songs. That makes the concert so much better.

They started with the sun always shines on TV which is a great opening! We also got served Hunting high and Low, Manhatten Skyline, Scoundrel Days, Stay on These Roads and Forever Not Yours.

In the middle of the show they had a little sequence where they slowed down and played a few low-tempo songs. I liked that. I love when I get surprised by a song. I got that yesterday. I had forgotten about the song Velvet. It is so utterly beautiful. And they played it. Ahh. I was so happy.

The encore was great. They started with Cry Wolf, the song I’ve been singing on all week. I texted Linda with the words Cry Wolf oooh oohh ;). Then they played Analogue. The second last song was The Living Daylights which kicks ass live. Everybody sang together on the chorus.

When Take On Me came, after 1 h. and 45 mins, we all knew it was the last song of the evening. They always end with the monsterhit – the song that made them superstars world wide.

I missed a few songs like Touchy and Early Morning, but you can’t get them all. The show couldn’ve been longer. We all want more, you know! 1 h. and 50 mins didn’t seem enough.

Place: Oslo Spektrum
Audience: 8500 (sold out)
Playing time: 1 h. 50 mins
Number of songs: 21 songs
Score: 5 / 6

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