Hi November!


November is here. Boy, time flies. October flied away before I got the chance to blink, so it seems.

For a few months now, I haven’t really been photographing anything else than doors. Every morning when I’ve packed my purse, I’ve taken the 18-125 mm lense with me, since that fits best when I take pictures of doors. The 50 mm has been resting for a long time, too long!

The bokeh, the light and all that jazz. I need to capture that with my 50 mm again. And with all the beautiful autum colors, it’s easier to find lovely things to photograph.

October is over. November is here. All the beautiful colored leafs won’t be here forevery. Soon it will all be gone and replaced. The trees will be naked. And the ground won’t be covered in layers with leafs. The greyness will be more present and there will be less to photograph.

Yesterday, when I was heading for the grocerystore and finding the door of the day, I took the 50 mm lense with me for a change.  It was so great to shot with that again. And even though it wasn’t any sunshine or nice light, I managed to get some nice shots anyway.





Now I just wish for some sunlight. I know I can get good pictures with no light, but it gets so much better when there is sunlight. The weathercast is depressing. It will be cloudy and rainy all week. Blargh. Lets hope it will change before all the autumn goodness is gone.

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