Christmas Countdown 2009

Last year I did a Christmas project on flickr. The group was called Christmas Countdown Challange 2008. You should take one Christmas related picture each day, beginning at the 1st of December and end on the 24th. I ended with these picures.

You can see the whole set at flickr here.

This year I’m doing the same. A new group has been created, called Christmas Countdown 2009. It will be nice to have something else to focus on besides the doors. Not that I’m tired of the doors. It will just be fun to photograph something else too.

I already have some ideas to what I can shoot, that is Christmas related! The hard part is to not take the same shots as I did last year. I guess some will be almost the same. Maybe the same subject, but shot differently. I’m goona write down some ideas now, so I don’t forget. With my memory it’s smart. Very smart!

Photoshoot with Emil

Earlier this week Hanne (my sister) contacted me. She asked me if I could take some pictures of Emil that they could use as a Christma- card. Of course I would do that. So yesterday morning I headed over to their place to have a little photoshoot.

I woke up yesterday and cursed the lack of sun / light. Sigh. It’s nice to have good light working with you while taking portraits. And when you don’t, you have to use a flash light. I’m glad I brought mine. First I thought I wouldn’t need it, but I brought it just in case. It was  a good idea.

I have to say, taking pictures of kids are not easy. Esp. not 8 months old babies who wants to crawl as soon as you put them on the floor.  I spent most of my time laying on the floor with him. I needed to be on his level to get good shots. It won’t work to take pictures from above. That will just look stupid.

Half way we needed to take a break because Emil was getting a bit tired of “posing” all the time. I can understand that.

I took over 200 pictures all together. I guess half of them was out of focus. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get any good shots since I saw lots of them was blury. Hanne assured me that there had to be at least one good shot among all the shots I’d been taken. She was right. And you know, photoshop can save a lot of photos!

Here are some of the best shots:

Project reflections

I was so happy when I watched the weather report this morning before I went to work. The lady said it would be sunny today! I was almost jumping up and down by exitment. It’s been so cloudy and quite rainy lately. And rain and clouds doesn’t go well together with photographing doors. So whenever the sun is up, I jump out of joy.

Almost every day I have some errands to run while being at work. It’s either going to the postoffice or buying groceries. And there are doors on on the way. So I bring my camera and I quickly snap a picture.

As I said, it was sunny today, so I brought my camera when I had to delivery a package to the postoffice for my colleague Pål. I was fast and it took like 30 seconds to get a picture. I’m quite satisfied with the result.

This project it going well at the moment. I’m motivated and havne’t complained in a while.  At least not this week. haha. I guess it’s because we’ve had two days with sun! The sun makes things a lot better. Now I wish the snow would come, so it would brighten up this side of the world a bit. It would do my photographing good!

I got 19 doors left and then I’m half way! It’s less than 3 weeks. I’ve neve really thought I would make it half way. I remember when I hit rock bottom (read about it here) the 20th of September. I thought the darkness would kill this project. I had taken my 97th picture that day. Now, 67 doors later, I’m still doing it. The project is not dead. The darkness didn’t kill it. That makes me very happy. It’s over 2 months since that incidence. It such s long time ago, even though it feels like yesterday.

Sitting here thinking about the darkness and light, one thing comes in mind. It’s only 25 days until winter solstice andafter that day, the day will be come a little bit longer every day. The day will be a little bit brigher every day. So I’m thinking; if I managed to take decent picture up to winter solstice occures, the darkness shouldn’t be a problem after that day either.

The darkness less problematic now than I thought back in September. It still a pain in the ass and it makes this project a whole lot more difficult than it would’ve been if it only had been bright evenings. But, it’s not impossible.

Now, I don’t think it’s the darkness that will kill this project, if anything is to kill it. I think it rahter could be me getting bored of this project. That is possible. It won’t happen now though. And that’s because I got to things inside me. 1) determination 2) will-power.

I’m gonna end this like I did in another post last month:

Watch out doors! I’m on a mission. You’re about to be shot!

Birthday card

My friend Linda asked if I could make her a birthday card for her boyfriend who is turning 30. Of course I said yes. Birthday cards are fun to make. I had no idea what kind of card to make. The only thing I had planned was that it was going to be square. I love square things!

So after going through my cardboard/ pattern paper and doing some thinking I came up with this (funny) card.

This reminds me, I should start on the birthday cards I’m giving away for Christmas soon too. Next friday the first batch need to be ready! I might start tomorrow. Lets hope so.

Christmas cards (again)

The christmas card making is at its end. I only got a few more to make. Three or four I think. Depends a bit on how many I’m gonna send. Not decided that yet.

So, here are the latest.

Even though the christmas card making is at its end, it doesn’t mean that I’m finished making cards this year. I’m going to make a set with birthday cards for two friends for christmas. I haven’t thought about how they are going to look yet. I have to start thinking about that this week. I need some ready for the 4th of december.

Oh that reminds me… Linda needs a birthday card soon. I’ll see her on sunday and needs to bring it then. God, I had almost forgot! Thank god, I remembered.

Bedroom pictures

Finally I mananged to figure out what pictures to put in my bedroom. There is no secret I love music, is there?  Not at all. So after some thinking I found out I wanted to use the Bruce-LP picture as one of four pictures. I didn’t have that many pictures that matched. Then I decided to make three more LP-cover pictures. Here they are!

On tuesday I went down to Råkk ‘n Råll where they sell LP’s. I searched through the piles of LP’s and found the Bob Dylan LP.  I saw other LP’s with headshots that would work, but it wasn’t of the right artist. I needed someone I like.The two Kim Larsen LP’s I already had.

It took forever to get the two top pictures right. I used the timer on the camera. I had 15 seconds from I pressed it to everything had to be on place.  It was not easy to get the LP in focus, get the clothes in the right position and the LP on the right place.  I’ve lost track of how many times I tried and failed. If I only had had an assistant to help me I could’ve nailed the shot way sooner.

I’m gonna send them to the photo-lab today and get them printed. Hopefully I can pick them up tomorrow.

Julie & Julia & Doors

Yesterday I went to the movies with Lisbeth, a really good friend who was visiting me this weekend. We went to see Julie & Julia – a really good movie! As if I didn’t love Meryl Streep as it was? She is great.

Ah. I’m so glad I went to see this movie. This is the movie I want to buy on DVD when it comes out. It’s a keeper for sure!

Julie, one of the main character, she felt like she hadn’t accoplised anything in a long time. Her friends was rich and sucessfull, she was living with her husband over a pizzaplace and worked in a call-center. The only time where she felt complete was when she cooked. She loved the cook  Julia Child and started to write a food blog and challanged herself to cook the 524 recipies in Child’s first cookbook in 365 days.

In the middle of her project she thinks about quiting, but her mum (with one phone call) wants her to continue. With that call and Julie’s willpower, she continues the project and finishes it in the end.

While watching the movie, I came to think of my own 365-project. I couldn’t help but thinking about it. I haven’t been very enthusiastic about it lately. It’s been more of a drag than fun!

The strange thing is that, when Julie had decided to keep on with the project, it set my will to finish my project on fire too. I was sitting there, in the theater, thinking I’m gonna do this too, I’m gonna finish it.

On my way home from the cinema, I kept thinking about my project. When I went to bed last night I was actually thinking, for the first time in a very long time, that I can pull this off. I can really do this. I set aside all the problems I’ve come up with so far and just thought that it’s acutally possible.

If this is just an post this-was-a-great-movie-feeling or something else, I’m not really sure of. But I’m gonna hold on to this ‘positiv energy’ as long as I can.

I’ve played around with the idea of reaching 183 pictures. Then I’m half way. I haven’t written it down as a goal, becasue it’s been so far away.  And because I was afraid I would fail.  150 doors was my latest goal. I’ve reached that now. Door number 154 will go up tonight.

It is time to set a new goal. And I think it’s ok to set 183 doors as my new goal. I only need 29 more doors to fulfill that goal. It has been dark evenings for some time now and I’ve managed to find a door every day. Not super duper, fantastic door or picture. But still a picture. Still a door.

I can do it! I will do it!

No more posts.