Oh, what awful 7 days!

The title of this blog is refering to my door project. It hasn’t been a good 7 days.

I’ve been buzy and sick the last seven days. Not sick all 7 dasy, but almost. On friday the company I work with started its 10 years anniversary celebration and we all went to Copenhagen with boat. Left on friday and was back on sunday morning.

Friday morning I had to take my door picture. And saturday, I was shopping in Copenhagen and there was really no time to take any pics of doors. I didn’t see any cool doors either. Maybe because I didn’t really paid the doors any attention? the shops got most of my attention. My few pains got some attention too. On saturday I ended up taking a crappy picture of the door in the boat cabin I stayed in.

Sunday I came home and I got sick. Dad offered to pick me up and take me home for dinner. I said yes. It’s better to eat dinner with someone when you’re not feeling well! It got dark before I managed to think about a door,  so i stumbled myself out and searched for the nearest door. It was a door attached to the garage.

I didn’t go to work on monday or tuesday. And I stayed at my parents house. Was too tired to go home. It was nice to have some company while being sick too. I was lucky to still find some doors on our property that wasn’t already taken. I doubt there is any lef now!

Today I went back to my apartment and Oslo. I didn’t go to work, only went to see my doctor. I found a door on my way home from the doctors. I didn’t bothered to take more than one picture.

So right now, I’ve worked on the 7 doors in photoshop – to save them from being ugly. haha. I managed to make some OK, but there are some that doesn’t come out good no matter what  I do. Sigh.

Oh whatever. It’s a door anyway. And I can’t make it perfect every day.

I should be impressed, and I sort of am, that I managed to continue this project even while I was sick.Cos i actually concidered quitting. Well… I thought I wouldn’t manage to go on.

But I did! Hah!

Now I can look forward and head for 150 doors. That’s my new goal.

Only 15 left!

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