Wishlist for birthday (and Christmas)

It is soon my birthday. One week left to be exact. A while ago I started to write on my wishlist. I always have a wishlist for my birthday because I know my mum needs one. She always gives me presents. And not only one, but often three or four. It’s not needed, but very nice of here.

Sitting there weeks ago I tried to figure out what I wanted. It wasn’t hard coming up with things. Not at all. There is always something I want. It’s quite surprising how much a human being needs. Or what we think we need. Because it’s quite different what we need and what we want!

Anyway… I made this list on what want:

  1. Books. Lots of books. I want the new book that Jo Nesbø has written. It’s name is Panserhjerte. And then I want lots of books by Håkan Nesser.
  2. DVDs: I want the whole serie of Beck. Swedish crime-serie. And I want the films Man On the Moon and Philadelphia. Since my vcr decided that life was over, I haven’t been able to see these two great movies since.
  3. Scrapping things. I want all sorts of things.
  4. Pens from Promaker in a varaity of colors. Gonna use them to color what I stamp out for my cards.
  5. Toaster.  I got hooked on toast after my two visits to Chantie this year.
  6. Beef knives. I only have crappy ones now. They doesn’t look good.
  7. Photoprinter (from Canon)
  8. Polaroid camera.
  9. Perfume: Poison (green) from Calvin Klein.

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