New order (Christmas cards)

It’s been a while since I updated now. I know I should be better at this. I’ll try in the future.

I wonder if I should start a business with this christmas-card making… A while ago Cisca, my other Dutch (South-African) friend asked me how much I charged for a Christmas card. When I gave her the price for each card and shipping, she immideately requested 10 cards!

Nowing I had to make 10 cards, I instantly knew I had to buy more stuff. What I needed the most was a rubber stamp saying ‘merry christmas’.  It would’ve been stupid to use my norwegian rubber stamps on cards sent to the Netherlands.

I searched online (ebay and  scrapping stores) and after a while I found a beautiful rubber stamp that wasn’t too expensive. You can see the use of it in the cards further down.

I’ve now finished Cisca’s cards. I got a little worried that I would’nt be able to make them and the rest of the cards I’m making in time.  So I had to step up the game and get more productive.











I have about 20 cards left to make. Not bad. I’m over half way. I’m still concidering making some for Ellen too. Since I did make 10 for Cisca, I should definitely make some for Ellen too. She hinted about me making some for her before Cisca ordered.

I know I at least have two events when I can make cards. Lisbeth is hosting her annual christmas-craft-get-together and Sissel and I, we decided to meet up for some scrapping.

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