Oh, what awful 7 days!

The title of this blog is refering to my door project. It hasn’t been a good 7 days.

I’ve been buzy and sick the last seven days. Not sick all 7 dasy, but almost. On friday the company I work with started its 10 years anniversary celebration and we all went to Copenhagen with boat. Left on friday and was back on sunday morning.

Friday morning I had to take my door picture. And saturday, I was shopping in Copenhagen and there was really no time to take any pics of doors. I didn’t see any cool doors either. Maybe because I didn’t really paid the doors any attention? the shops got most of my attention. My few pains got some attention too. On saturday I ended up taking a crappy picture of the door in the boat cabin I stayed in.

Sunday I came home and I got sick. Dad offered to pick me up and take me home for dinner. I said yes. It’s better to eat dinner with someone when you’re not feeling well! It got dark before I managed to think about a door,  so i stumbled myself out and searched for the nearest door. It was a door attached to the garage.

I didn’t go to work on monday or tuesday. And I stayed at my parents house. Was too tired to go home. It was nice to have some company while being sick too. I was lucky to still find some doors on our property that wasn’t already taken. I doubt there is any lef now!

Today I went back to my apartment and Oslo. I didn’t go to work, only went to see my doctor. I found a door on my way home from the doctors. I didn’t bothered to take more than one picture.

So right now, I’ve worked on the 7 doors in photoshop – to save them from being ugly. haha. I managed to make some OK, but there are some that doesn’t come out good no matter what  I do. Sigh.

Oh whatever. It’s a door anyway. And I can’t make it perfect every day.

I should be impressed, and I sort of am, that I managed to continue this project even while I was sick.Cos i actually concidered quitting. Well… I thought I wouldn’t manage to go on.

But I did! Hah!

Now I can look forward and head for 150 doors. That’s my new goal.

Only 15 left!

Aim. Focus. Click!

It’s been 16 days since I wrote about my door-project. Lots of things can happen in 16 days, so I thought it was time to give an update again.

I’ve had some serious trouble  / dobuts about this project since last time. Last week I wasn’t feeling well and all I wanted was to get fast home to my dear read IKEA sofa. And this week I’ve had dasy I’ve been too busy to chase cool doors.

“Oh dear, how long am I going to keep up this madness?” The thought has entered my mind. More than once. Some days have been a struggle to get a decent pictures. I’ve shot a few in the morning and that’s not easy since it’s quite dark outside when I go to w0rk.

I have been fed up concidered quitting, but I’m still here. Still shooting one door each day. There is something inside me refusing to let go of this project. It’s kinda weird to say it, but there will be something missing in my life if i quit. What am I going to chase if it’s not the doors? It will be weird not to look for doors anymore.

And honestly. 124 doors isn’t enough. I need 150 at least. If not 200… I’m gonna do this project and I will pull off that last picture as you squeeze out the last drop of a lemon. I want as many photos as possible.

Writing this… I write like I know I’m gonna quit before it’s over the right way (when the 365th shot is taken). And that makes me bah. Because I do not want to drop out!

I think I need a change. I need to stop focusing on the bad stuff, on the limits and what’s gonna kill this project. I need to focus on the good stuff. And believe me, there is still good stuff out there! Like…

  1. the sun is still shining some days.
  2. It’s been minimum with rain and clouds so far this autumn.
  3. I re-discovered an area (Vålerenga) where there is a good bunch of cool doors to shoot. It only takes me about 15 minutes longer to get home.

Chantie said to me here the other day that I got 1/3 done already. That made me happy. Really happy. 124 doors have been shot. 241 left to shoot. Tomorrow is a new day and a new door is waiting for me.

Watch out doors! I’m on a mission. You’re about to be shot!

Wishlist for birthday (and Christmas)

It is soon my birthday. One week left to be exact. A while ago I started to write on my wishlist. I always have a wishlist for my birthday because I know my mum needs one. She always gives me presents. And not only one, but often three or four. It’s not needed, but very nice of here.

Sitting there weeks ago I tried to figure out what I wanted. It wasn’t hard coming up with things. Not at all. There is always something I want. It’s quite surprising how much a human being needs. Or what we think we need. Because it’s quite different what we need and what we want!

Anyway… I made this list on what want:

  1. Books. Lots of books. I want the new book that Jo Nesbø has written. It’s name is Panserhjerte. And then I want lots of books by Håkan Nesser.
  2. DVDs: I want the whole serie of Beck. Swedish crime-serie. And I want the films Man On the Moon and Philadelphia. Since my vcr decided that life was over, I haven’t been able to see these two great movies since.
  3. Scrapping things. I want all sorts of things.
  4. Pens from Promaker in a varaity of colors. Gonna use them to color what I stamp out for my cards.
  5. Toaster.  I got hooked on toast after my two visits to Chantie this year.
  6. Beef knives. I only have crappy ones now. They doesn’t look good.
  7. Photoprinter (from Canon)
  8. Polaroid camera.
  9. Perfume: Poison (green) from Calvin Klein.

New order (Christmas cards)

It’s been a while since I updated now. I know I should be better at this. I’ll try in the future.

I wonder if I should start a business with this christmas-card making… A while ago Cisca, my other Dutch (South-African) friend asked me how much I charged for a Christmas card. When I gave her the price for each card and shipping, she immideately requested 10 cards!

Nowing I had to make 10 cards, I instantly knew I had to buy more stuff. What I needed the most was a rubber stamp saying ‘merry christmas’.  It would’ve been stupid to use my norwegian rubber stamps on cards sent to the Netherlands.

I searched online (ebay and  scrapping stores) and after a while I found a beautiful rubber stamp that wasn’t too expensive. You can see the use of it in the cards further down.

I’ve now finished Cisca’s cards. I got a little worried that I would’nt be able to make them and the rest of the cards I’m making in time.  So I had to step up the game and get more productive.











I have about 20 cards left to make. Not bad. I’m over half way. I’m still concidering making some for Ellen too. Since I did make 10 for Cisca, I should definitely make some for Ellen too. She hinted about me making some for her before Cisca ordered.

I know I at least have two events when I can make cards. Lisbeth is hosting her annual christmas-craft-get-together and Sissel and I, we decided to meet up for some scrapping.

No more posts.