Status update: 365 doors


It’s time for an update on my 365 project. I’ve reached over 100 doors which means there will be a book.  I’m very happy about that. When I started I wasn’t sure if I was going to last this long. Finding new, exciting doors isn’t as hard as I once predicted. I find new areas to explore which is either not far from work or where I live. That’s good.

But it’s not all easy.

A week ago or so, I hit rock bottom. I had two bad door days and I came to think of something for the first time while this project has lasted. How will I be able to take pictures in November / December when it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I go home?

I live way up north you know and we’re not privileged with long days with light in the winter. In late November the sun goes up at 9 ish and going down 15.30 ish. You see my problem?

I’ve never thought about this before. Why? I guess the summer, sun and long days had something to do with it. Long, cold, dark winter days wasn’t on my mind when I started this.

I must admit I’m not good at taking pictures in the dark / low light. You really need a tripod then or else it will be blury. Even with a flash it will be blury if you’re not supersteady on your hand. I’m not. I do have a tripod, but carry that around every day will be a bit of a hassle. I don’t like using flash either. At least not the built-in flash. So then I would have to carry my other flash as well. All in all, it would be a lot to carry around. I would need a bag on wheels like the old ladies use to carry groceries in, haha.

I talked to Chantie about my new-found problem and she made it sound so simple.  This is why it’s a challange. Be creative. And she listed things I could do:

    • make it black and white (you can make a bad picture ok by just turning it into b&w)
    • use flash
    • use the blurryness and make it artistic
    • simply be creative.

      I said no to everything. I was very negative and couldn’t find anything good about what she said. I don’t like flash and def. not want to make them black and white. I want my pictures to be in their original color. I have one picture in black & white and it annoyes me greatly!

      The big question is? Am I going to quit this project? No. Not now at least. I will keep on with this project as long as I feel I can make good pictures. I don’t want crappy pictures in this project. Of course I’ll have a few bad/less good photos , but when I feel like I only produce crappy pictures, I don’t wanna do it anymore.

      Somehow I think 105 doors is not enough, it’s a small amount of doors. Even though it’s not small at all. I want way more doors. I want 365! I really, really want 365!

      I love this project so much and hate to think about ending it before I supposed to. Sigh!  But I have to be realistic. Yep, I have to be realistic.

      Let’s end this post with a small collections of my latest doors.Not that some pics are cropped since they’re not originally in square format. See all doors on flickr (of course).


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