I love red :)

Today I went to Hadeland Glassverk. It’s a fabric that sells china/porcelain and all sorts of things made of glass. They have a fabric and a big outlet at the same place. Most items are on sale because there is something wrong with them. Not something major, but it can be just a tiny, tiny bubble in the glass that nobody really see. Or it can be a tiny scar underneeth a plate which nobody really cares about.

This fabric / outlet has a autumn sale every year and I love to go there. I was there last year and I went this year too! It was much fun. I didn’t see that much I wanted, but I found a few red gems.

270909-1First I saw a red and white mug. I instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to get it, even thought it wasn’t on sale. it is so, so, so cool! I want wait to use it.

Hmm. I might need some new plates to go with this red mug. I do have some white one (and green, turqoise and green), but I think I want some red ones too. Or maybe it’s a bit too much? It’s something to concider.

Hmmm. Suddenly I got the urge for some cake! Haha! Too bad I don’t have any. Sigh.

I also bought this red heart made of berries. I hung it on the bedroom door. First I thought I wait to hang it up until Christmas, but it’s too nice to wait that long!


I also, when I think about it, bought some red ladybugs I can use on the cards I’m making. Don’t have a picture of them though. They will be nice on a summercard. Next year…. Now it’s all about Christmas Cards. I got some to show you, but that has to be in another post.

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