Christmas cards vol. III

Two new cards has been produced today. Well, one of them was formed out yesteday. Just had to glue things together today. The other was hard to make, because I was so indecicive. But I managed to be satisfied in the end.


It says ‘god jul’ (merry Christmas) in the middle round piece.


Linda emailed me today. I sent her pictures of my first cards to let her know how they can turn out. She can pick the cards she want. She said she liked them a lot. I happy she likes them. And she said she wanted 10! So now I have to make five more.

Knowing this, I’m gonna hold back my offer to Ellen a little bit. Just to see how things are going. Maybe I’ll get supertired of making these cards in a while. It’s a good thing I got over two months to make them all.

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