So yesterday I went to this scrapping fair with my colleague Sigrund. It was so much fun! It was way bigger than last time I went to a fair like this. It was a big sports arena filled with stores that sold scrapping-things.

I knew right away, when we came, that all my money in my wallet possibly would make its way out of my wallet and divid itself between the many stores.

We took one stand at the time and looked at everything. My mission was to get something for my christmas-card production. They had a lot of papers/cardboards, rubber stamps and other cool stuff.


I bought some papers at almost every store. I didn’t know I had so many different papers before I came home. But they will all come in handy. They are all so beautiful and will make great cards!

What I really was looking for was a rubber stamp saying ‘god jul’ (merry christmas). Did I find any? Yes, lots! My plan was to buy one, but I ended up with a few more…


See all the rubber-stamps? And I see one ‘god jul rubber-stamp’ is missing from the picture. I also bought this beautiful christmas-rubber-stamp.


A funny thing. Yesterday evening when I was making some cards I thought to myself that I need more rubber stamps…. I want some with Santa on it. And maybe one more with a snowman. Hm….


I also bought some brads. I really like the snow-crystals and the trees. I think I might have to buy more trees. If I only knew where to buy them. I have to search online I guess. In addition to all this I bought some ink-pads.  Colors are black, brown and gold.

It was an expensive trip to this fair. But it was so worth it. We stayed until it closed.

I made some cards of my new stuff. I’ll show them later in a seperate post.

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